Oldsmobile HID Kit are a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting. The Hid kit comes as a complete plus and play kit. It replaces all the halogen bulbs with some of the following xenon HID bulbs: H1,H3,H4,H7,H11,9004,9005,9006 and 9007. Oldsmobile HID Kit are designed for motor vehicles to be a safety feature for drivers. It allows better night visibility by being 3 times brighter, and also lighting 75% of the road ahead, instead of 30% of the halogen bulb. With that in mind drivers will able to identify obstacles earlier and take the precautionary measures that they need to avoid them. Oldsmobile HID Kit come with xenon bulbs. Xenon bulbs are called that because they contain xenon gas. The gas reacts to electrical current and burns much whiter and brighter. There are different degrees of xenon bulbs available that allow for different color out put from the bulb These are a few different bulb degree applications: 3000K (Golden Yellow) , 4300K (Bright White), 5000K (white), 6000K (Crystal White),8000K (Crystal Blue), 10000K (Aqua Blue), 12000K (Purple-Blue).