SC1/SC2 HID Kit 97-00 at the best prices. We carry SC1/SC2 HID Kit 97-00 instock ready to ship. SC1/SC2 HID Kit 97-00 are custom for your vehicle. The SC1/SC2 is a new Saturn model of car that is slowly growing in popularity. Recently, manufacturers of HID kits have also included the SC1/SC2 for the production of Xenon HID kits. HID lights are superior to the usual headlights in many ways. Firstly, HID lights are about three times brighter than other bulbs. In addition, HID lights do not need as much power as traditional bulbs. They use around 24% less power for normal use, compared to other bulbs. Moreover, the light covers a wide area of the road, which increases visibility when driving. Therefore HID kits are no doubt a very good option for the headlights.

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