The Cadillac Brougham HID kit has driven the Cadillac Brougham automobile to pedestals of glory. The lights with compatible xenon augment are undoubtedly the in thing for the Cadillac in your garage or in the show room where you are yet to pick. These headlamps are completely water proof illuminating three times more than halogen lights. You need not worry about guarantee as it runs for a year. The headlamps have in the similitude of the OEM a stylish and functional illumination second to none. Those who have tasted this xenon powered lamp attest to its reliability. The Cadillac Brougham HID kit is the current talk of the town with its very sharp focus and reliability never ever seen before. With all the bulbs that you really need, consider also that the lights are affordable and fun too. Don’t be left out of the bandwagon of folks who enjoy this world class kit in their cars.


    The age of the motor car has never and will never leave the American way of life. With the Catera HID kit your car can be fine tuned to give excellent lights. With an incredible speed as the Catera has, it is paramount for a driver to arm himself and herself with the tools to illuminate the way especially at night. On the other hand the model will create a life of its own with a Catera headlamp that infuses a custom made design about its form. As sleek as the Catera is, it is only fair to add to its charm a bulb that makes the car the envy of all car drivers with strong and tough driving methods or the more laid back motor car enthusiasts. The warranty on the very exclusive headlights is guaranteed and lasts for a time that you may become suspicious due to the unfathomable period. Get one for yourself sooner than you require the lights.

    CTS HID KIT (11)

    The CTS is one of the most elegant looking Cadillacs made to date. With its sleek lines and beautiful LED taillights its a masterpiece and considered to be in a league of its own. Xenon lights were introduced on the CTS as an OEM option. CTS HID Kit 02-05 at the best prices. We carry CTS HID Kit 02-05 in stock ready to ship. CTS HID Kit 02-05 are custom for your vehicle. Cadillac cts is a midsized sedan hose décor is simply appealing. Its interior comes with alluring features that are simply exorbitant. It has a spacious interior and with adjustable and heated front seats The Cadillac CTS HID kit has been thoroughly tested in harsh conditions and proven to be the best in the market. Lighting technology has unveiled the latest HID headlights to give you more road coverage during the night. Your HID kit is a very simple product that is portable and easy to install. The HID backlights illuminate brighter and clear reflections at a further distance. You are guaranteed of safer driving and accident free environment during the night. Your HID kit is equipped with efficient HID bulbs that will enhance you vehicle’s lighting system and improve the appearance of your vehicle. They are beautiful HID headlights that provides it with an appealing look and a highly complement the design of your model. The HID kit comes in various sizes, shapes and color to suit your model.


    DeVille HID Kit is an easy upgrade that is done usually in 20-30 minutes. There is no wiring cutting there is no soldiering, everything is completely plug and play. The Deville which has been around for decades is considered to be one of the more reliable vehicles on the road. Has been trusted by Americans for years to do its duty in our transportation reliant world. Cadillac Deville is a midsized sedan vehicle that is uniquely designed for your comfort and safety, it comes with a decorated interior and great safety features. Air conditioning and alarm systems will enable you enjoy your ride. You will find an excellent Cadillac Deville HID kit that is efficient and effective in its functions. Your HID kit is a complete and reliable product that comes with fantastic HID headlights that produce enormous reflections that will provide you with more road coverage. Your reversing and parking during the night will be easier and faster because your HID backlights discharge high intensity light giving you clear visibility. The outstanding fog lights are quite impressive since they illuminate brighter and more brilliant light that generally improves you’re your vehicles lighting. You can opt to upgrade your headlights to improve the general system of lighting in your model. It is a one of a kind kit that is easy to install, reliable and affordable. It will definitely give you value for less.

    DTS HID KIT (11)

    DTS HID Kit brightness is unbeatable, and the price right now is just right. With a 110% price match guaranty, you can rest assured that our price will not be beaten, and our quality will not be matched. We provide everything from HID kits, xenon replacement bulbs and ballasts for OEM and for aftermarket hid kits. Do not be fooled with imitation xenon bulbs, which are only halogen bulbs that are painted blue, get the real thing get your true xenons here. Cadillac DTS is a prestigious vehicle that is popular for its swiftness on the road. This sedan comes with a powerful engine and a spacious interior whose seats are adjustable. The leather seats are adjustable and guarantee you extreme comfort. It’s incredible Cadillac DTS HID kit is one of the best features in this special car. Yu ill find it very vital during the night since the HID headlights provide you ample road coverage. You ill be able to see the oncoming traffic as well as the passengers on the road. It is a quality product manufactured with strong materials to meet the highest standards. You Will enjoy driving in the thick forests since it improves the lighting system of your car. It is a useful and reliable since it is durable and reflects more light for longer. It is a very affordable product that is genuine and effective in its functions. Regain your confidence while driving at night by investing in this marvelous kit.


    Eldorado HID Kit promises better night visibility, longer life span, more electrical efficiency. Better night visibility assures you that you will drive with a piece of mind that you will foresee obstacles before earlier, which allows you as a driver to gain enough time to make the right decision in avoiding them. Longer life span allows you to save in the long term, xenon bulbs last for 3000 hours compared to the 250 hours of the halogen bulb. Which would mean that you would have to replace the bulbs less times making it cheaper in the long run. This is one of the most comfortable cars from the Cadillac model. Cadillac Eldorado is a high performance which carries some familiar feature found in the Cadillac car models like the v8 engine model. It is a well sort after car in the market due to low fuel consumption ability and low emission which leave other motorist at ease. It is a modern car commonly driven in the city streets because it is affordable and quite reliable. Before taken to dealers work shop for it to be bought it is well equipped withCadillac Eldorado hid kit to make you drive with ease any time of the night. Despite the presence of street lighting you also need to have your car equipped with the hid lights since you need to have them on while driving at night. They are automatically operated therefore you are always at ease when having them onboard.


    This year range Escalade models did not come with many OEM xenon upgrade options. That is why a lot of after market companies are offering after market HID kits to allow drivers to update their old and tired lighting system with the new HID xenon lighting. Escalade HID Kit 99-01 at the best prices. We carry Escalade HID Kit 99-01 in stock ready to ship. Escalade HID Kit 99-01 are custom for your vehicle. Would you appreciate better night visibility and safety while driving? Then you would like to update your Escalades headlights with a xenon HID kit. These kits are offered in a variety of bulb sizing and temperature to reach the preferred color of your choice. Escalade HID Kit 07-UP at the best prices. We carry Escalade HID Kit 07-UP in stock ready to ship. Escalade HID Kit 2007-UP are custom for your vehicle. 2001-2002 Models do not have HID headlights 2003-2006 Models use D1R Bulbs 2007+ Models use D1S Bulbs


    The Fleetwood has been around for generations and has proved it self to be a worthy family vehicle. HID upgrades are available for this vehicle and are considered a complete plug and play with no wire cutting or splicing. Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 at the best prices. We carry Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 in stock ready to ship. Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 are custom for your vehicle. Cadillac fleet wood is a high performance car that uses 5.8 v8 engines to generate its power. It is well equipped with good standard features like the frame suspension that help in weight distribution for any load onboard. Your onboard passengers are able to travel in maximum comfort to good interior features like air conditioners and heated leather seats, which provide favorable environment. It is a fast car with good road stability and reliable performance. Cadillac Fleetwood hid kit is meant to enhance your road visibility which will help you drive with ease without straining. The car head lamps installed to provide light also enhance the exterior appearance of your car making it more presentable and attractive; therefore apart from light provision the lights make your car more appealing. The halogen lights are so comfortable to the human eye that’s why you should have your car installed with the hid lights since have they no effects.


    Seville HID Kit lights are the best lighting technology in the business. Get your Seville looking just right with the bluish and purplish hues of our xenon kits. They are not designed for looks only; they are designed for safety, and durability. The xenon bulb has a longer life span, and emits brighter lighting with wider and longer range of reach. This is one of the most comfortable cars you will always enjoy riding in. Cadillac Seville is powered by 5.7 litters of fuel with a v8 engine model. It’s a good economy car since it has low fuel consumption ability due to the presence of fuel injector pump that electronically control the amount of fuel used to generate power for your car. You have maximum comfort in your car since it is environment friendly due to low emissions, and good standard features. Cadillac Seville hid kit is mostly installed in your car after its production by the car engineers. The hid lights is the main reason of having the whole kit onboard since it is used for clear visibility while driving apart from making your car more presentable. The car engineers are in apposition to determine which lights will look good in your car and do any adjustments where necessary for you to have the car in perfect

    SRX HID KIT (11)

    SRX HID Kit brightness is not comparable to the old halogen bulb lighting. The SRX brings a new light to Cadillac, and is considered to be a very technologically advanced vehicle. Why stop there when you can include on one of your technological advancements a xenon lighting system that increases your night driving safety and reliability. Like many cars from Cadillac mode of vehicles Cadillac SRX uses a v8 mode of engine though with a different fuel holding capacity of 4.6 litters generating high power to keep your car moving on the roads. It is very safe to drive in this car even when driven under high sped due top the presence of the multiple gear speed transmissions. It also has other standard features which provide maximum comfort while driving like the rear wheel drive air conditioners and other entertainment equipments. Cadillac SRX hid kit is fully equipped to make sure that your road visibility is clear while driving whether street lights are available or not. The hid lights installed use hid bulbs rather than the halogen lamps used in numerous cars. They are also installed in pairs to provide good light balance for clear visibility. These features are fixed in the car after its production therefore you find it in the market well equipped.

    STS HID KIT (10)

    STS HID Kit are available as an OEM option from the factory, and also as an aftermarket upgrade. The STS which was produced first in 2005 is the successor of the Seville. This vehicle is known for its northstar system that comes with the power full aluminum built V8 engine. The engine produces 320 hp that are transferred to a rear wheel drive system. It was considered to be one of the more expensive sedans from Cadillac. This is a four wheel drive car with high performance and good road stability. Cadillac STS uses a v8 engine that has a fuel holding capacity of 4.6 litters generating 320 horse power with good fuel consumption ability and low emissions despite its size and road performance. It is well equipped with standard modern features like the positioning systems that improve the road stability and performance of your car. It also has quality entertainment features for maximum comfort when having your daily ride.Cadillac STS hid kits are well installed which help in improving your road visibility while driving. The hid lights installed have different power provision capability so that you can be able to use the most suitable one depending on where you are driving through. It has the high beam lights and the low beam lights which are used at different intervals and are comfortable to the human eye. Before send to the market for sale it is fully installed with this software.

    XLR HID KIT (10)

    XLR HID Kit lighting, what is the big deal? Why is there such a great buzz around this product? Well the xenon HID kits are type of lighting system that greatly increases your headlights brightness, increasing road visibility at night. There are a lot of manufacturers coming out with these systems preinstalled on to their vehicles. Now you can have the same lighting system for hundreds less then what the factory would charge for that upgrade. It is powered by a 4.6 litter v8 engine, producing 320 horse powers. The Cadillac XLR performance of the car can not be compared to any other. Latest accessories are in the vehicle including a scientific global positioning system. The unique features include the four doors with enough space for your cargo. The car has enough leg room so you will not strain even if you have long legs. For security the cars are fitted with air bags on all sides of the car. Beautiful heated leather seats and a beautiful wood finish interior compliments the beauty of the car. Cadillac XLR hid lights are the best invention to be installed on the car. The lights will safe guard you from dangerous accidents that may occur due to blindness. The HID headlight kit is a simple device that can make you safer than any other driver on the road. Due to the HID light bulbs inside the light it self, you can see more clearly than when using the ordinary light. As a safety measure the hid lights come with a warranty and a repair manual for you to have easy time while using them. Te lights will not disappoint you.

Cadillac HID Kit are very noticeable at night time, they are very intense, and they emit more of a cool bluish color, Cadillac has offered these xenon upgrades on almost all their vehicles. But they haven’t started this till a few years back. But there is a lot of older Cadillac’s that don’t have that option and cannot get the option through the dealer. Cadillac xenon lights are now available through an aftermarket supplier. The Kit come ready to install, and are deemed a plug and play system. All you would need to do is unplug the old halogen bulbs, plug in the new Xenon bulbs, and then after plugging in the ballasts your got HID. Cadillac HID Kit produce more output of light, compared to its predecessor the halogen bulb. It can be as much as 4 times brighter, and allows you to see 75% more of the road, with its longer and wider range of reach. With the life expectancy of 3000 hours, the conversion lighting system is definitely the better choice when it comes to automotive lighting.