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The beauty of BMW 84-91 models makes you in love with these vehicles. But what else can you do to improve its beauty! There is not a single important upgrade then the HID kit for your vehicle. Why not upgrade with our HID lighting packages. You headlights must be open beam to accept our lighting packages. Make sure your bulb is removable. We offer a huge range of HID kits for you vehicle inclusive of the Open beam Headlights. We also offer 6000k to 30000K HID kits and besides it we offer the Digital Slim ballast for you HID kits it’s the most advance and sophisticated ballast in the market. We also have in stock the Philips Xenon HID kits which is the World leader in manufacturing some of the best HID kits. The upgrade to HID also need to have a new wire harness we have the best in market wire harness to keep you away from all the worries as this harness will keep your lighting and car safe from any short circuit. All our installations just consist of a simple 3 step process and every package has a detailed installation guide to make your transition from Halogen to HID a simple matter.