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The CLS comes with HID from factory, but we have some upgrades and replacements for you below: The most stunning car model that has been brought forward is the Mercedes CLS. This car is quite outstanding in its design and style. The car has an automatic transmission of seven speeds and a shift manual capability mode. It has the control modes, which control your cruising speed. It is installed with a v8 engine, which gives out a horsepower of 382.The interior part of this car is very spacious thereby guaranteeing you easy and comfort when you are turning around. The Mercedes CLS hid kit contains the hid lighting system which is very efficient in its output. The lighting system that is emitted by this Hid kit is very bright and its cuts through any dark corners to give you the brightness that you want. It is termed as an upgrade system of your automobile due to the attraction fragment that it brings. The hid lights emitted out are very friendly to the human eye and superb even in foggy climatic conditions.