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If you have been ken with the automobile industry, then you should have realized by now that there has been a great improvement as far as technology is concerned. You will realize that there has been an establishment of various models and within the shortest period of time S-class HID kit 00-05 is one of the new invention in the Mercedes world. Basically Mercedes has been one of the industries with the greatest innovations in the motor industry; technology to them has been growing with a faster pace than any other company. It is for this reason that the s-class hid kit 00-05 was introduced. Being the easiest to install the 00-05 kit will bring a new beginning to your automobile. You won’t have to worry about the price, since you will spare just a little part of you pocket to acquire the kit. It also has xenon which adds fantasy to your car, leaving a lasting fantasy, which will leave folks around you amazed.