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Camaro HID Kit installation would be fairly easy for Camaros that are from 1998 and on to 2002. The reason is that the bulbs are replaceable from the headlight assembly. Then all you would have to do is replace the bulbs and connect the ballasts. But if you have one of the older year Camaros then you would have to purchase an open beam headlight to allow you to install an xenon bulb into it. If you do have an older Camaro please contact us before, or right after placing your order to allow us to provide you with open beams. The cost is fairly cheap usually between $30 and $40. The installation camaro hid kit is easy and can be replaced with the best head kit. The xenon lights that comes from the xenon material produces xenon light which is three more brighter than the usual halogen head kits but a beam head light kit is required for its installation. The cost if the kid is fair ranging from$30 to $40. The camaro hid kit is of many varieties, for example hid kit 8000K, hid kit 10000K, and hid kit 30000K, hid kit digital slim ballasts, camara open beam headlights 1967-1981 and many more. They are known to give a light which is three times brighter those ordinary light bulbs from halogen.