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Find parts for your Volvo XC70 including bulbs and upgraded headlight HID kits. The Volvo xc70 from the Volvo auto making company is a cross sport utility vehicle that is designed to give you the comfort and convenience you deserve. This five door body styled medium sized car is developed with newly features that makes it more executive on the road. It is designed to manovoure on all terrain with the aspect of it being driven on four wheels. Get one today and start enjoying its comfort. It’s the best car that Volvo has ever produced Volvo xc70 hid kit; The only way that you can feel safe while driving your Volvo xc70 is by having hid kit installed in your car. It consists of hid bulb which produces superb light that you can even mistake with that of sunlight. Thus reducing the number of road accidents since most of these road accidents are as a result of poor visibility. Its light is also said that it offers superior light that is within the spectrum of visible light hence been useful to the human eye.