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Honda Fit, small compact vehicle with great gas mileage. Your vehicle may already come with xenon headlights. However, if you want to make a statement you can also upgrade your fog lights with an Fit HID kit. If your OEM bulbs have failed, we also carry replacements. The Honda Fit uses H4 bulbs for its low beam in 2007-2009. The fog lights on your Honda fit are H11. But no worries, we send you the right kit based on your model, you don’t need to look it up. What else could fit better on your Honda Fit than a set of new custom designed xenon bulbs? Get rid of your usual factory headlights by replacing them with one of our safe and efficient xenon HID kits! Your Honda will not only look slicker and meaner, but it will also drive better, as our offer consists of only the best car lighting solutions, manufactured and tested specifically for your car model by the very best producers in the field of car lighting! Check out our offer and choose the best solution for your Honda, you won’t find these HID kits for a better price elsewhere!