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Rio HID Kit at the best prices. We carry Rio HID Kit and bulbs instock ready to ship. Rio HID Kit are custom for your vehicle. If you ever wanted to upgrade your Kia Rio headlight bulbs, this is the perfect time. We carry the right bulbs for your headlights in HID form; for better light output, visability and color. Make your Kia Rio stand out with the latest in HID lighting upgrades! From 2001-2007 the Kia Rio uses H4 bulbs. Check out our offer of custom designed Kia Rio Xenon HID Kits! You can make your car stand out with the latest in HID lighting upgrades, for a price that truly has no competition! Boost your Kia Rio’s safety standards and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and reliable vehicle when taking those long night drives! Replacing your standard headlight bulbs is also very easy: just remove the car’s hood, take out the old ones and install the new xenon HID kit of your choice! Check out our offer, make your choice and don’t forget we also offer a HID Kit Wire Relay Harness also for an unbeatable price!