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We offer parts for your Lexus CT 200h such as replacement bulbs and ballasts. This is the car model, which is known for its high cruising speed. It has a petrol engine which holds a capacity of 1.8 liters, the car has a control unit which is very powerful in its output, you are also guaranteed of a high level of safety as it has airbags in each of its four corners. Its wheels are durable enough therefore; it can with stand long driving hours. Lexus ct 200h is very economical in the consumption of its petrol. There is a Mercedes ct 200h hid kit which is installed in this car model to offer you a good lighting system especially when you are driving at night or in very rainy conditions. The hid kit has xenon which is an upgrade of any car model in the automotive industry. The hid kit is very economical in its consumption of energy in comparison to the traditional halogen kit. Your headlights will be in a position of granting you with highly powered light.