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The new Mitsubishi Mirage xenon HID kit in the latest HID kit to hit the market with improved lighting and features that gives back to money value invested. It is easy to install; thanks to the detailed instruction guide which has is issued at every purchase. The Mirage HID kit is certified world over and is manufactured alongside the set rules and regulations that defines or controls the motoring industry. Since it is plug_and_play, you are sure to enjoy the reinvigoration process. With its prices placed at the minimum, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it fixed on your vehicle. The wide of colors it comes in provide a matching with the color of your car and its great sizes creates an opportunity for you to get the right xenon HID kit that fit well on your car. The Mitsubishi Mirage xenon HID kit lasts longer and has the capability to give 3 times brightness than the halogen bulbs. They give you surety of night safety whenever darkness sets in and the going isn’t appealing.