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Find parts for your Audi S8 such as lighting, HID, bulbs and accessories. This is a full size car which was manufactured by German luxury automakers, as the name suggests it is very luxury by nature and is of performance version. It was first introduced at around 1994 and has gone through two generations; Audi S8 is available in a four door salon or sedan body style. The cars engine layout is longitudinal front engine, and the engine is very powerful providing great power to all the four wheels it is a four wheel drive. Audi S8 hid kit has a hid bulb which uses xenon gases and salt instead of filament in halogens bulbs. These hid bulbs are capable to withstand any condition a unique features which makes them to last very lo9ng.when these mixture of gases and salt burns they produce very powerful light which you can mistake with that of sunlight. They don’t burn or get damaged by anything and therefore you find yourself saving on the cost of bulbs.