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Marauder HID kit come in many specifications and with great features that come in handy. The kit allows you to have a safer drive at night since it has the greatest power which allows for perfect visibility. What’s even amazing about the marauder HID kit is that it lasts up to 12 times longer than the halogen bulb, which lasts for a shorter period of time. With a number of colors which come in handy, you will have a number of choices to choose from. With a 12 month warranty that comes in with the purchase of the kit, you won’t have any reason whatsoever to miss out on this amazing offer. If you love class and elegance, then having the kit will earn you the credits. Marauder HID kit, basically provides the best for your car, the installation is history as well. The logic is that you will do the installation all by yourself and within the shortest time. What more do you want?