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Laser HID Kit 90-94 at the best prices. We carry Laser HID Kit 90-94 instock ready to ship. Laser HID Kit 90-94 are custom for your vehicle. Use our Laser HID Kit for your Plymouth vehicles. Contribute your part in saving the ecosystem of planet earth. When compared to other lighting equipment, HID lights are extremely eco friendly. Less technologically advanced lighting devices like halogen lamps used in almost all traditional headlights make inefficient use of energy. Start using our HID lights and save the damage caused to the environment by other less effective lighting solutions. Cars installed with HID lights are much safer to use especially at night. Statistics from a wide variety of studies have shown that drivers typically react faster and more accurately to roadway obstacles with good HID headlamps rather than halogen lights. HID lights also have a much longer lifespan. While the average service life of halogen lamps is between 450 and 1000 hours, the average service life of HID lamps is about 2000 hours. Thus HID lamps help you reduce costs in the long run.