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Pontiac sunbird is the second small car produced by the Pontiac division of the general motors in the 1970’s. It is a model that has been successful for 18 years of modeling but was later replaced by the Pontiac Sunfire in 1995 whereby, it was marketed as a sports car. Through all of its modeling years, the car presented itself as a notchback coupe, sedan, hatchback, station wagon all with convertible body styles. The car holds a big title in the Pontiac car production. Pontiac Sunbird hid kit includes modified headlights which come with great prices that are affordable to you. The kits come in different designs that are made to fit in your car as they give it a great look. You will also feel the comfort after your car is installed with these kits since their lights are bright to give you a clear vision as you drive. You will need to replace your old halogen bulbs with this xenon filled bulbs and you will see the difference for yourself.