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With premier of the Audi A5 in 2007 everyone could not stop staring, the perfection in its design was definitly noticed. With a sleek and sexy designed interior, and a phenominal exterior design. One of the most noticed attributes on the A5 are the LED headlights, which are complemented with a factory xenon upgrade. We provide A5 HID kit upgrades, and also we provide factory A5 xenon replacement parts. This unique A5 hid kit produced in 2007 has made it irresistible from everyone simply because of its special design and the lovely interior. The phenomenon it relishes in the light bulbs is a wonder you cannot afford to miss out. The most advantageous point with is led headlights which have replaced the traditional halogen lights with the xenon lights for that special lighting system to your car. The kit is easily upgraded whenever you feel like depending on the nature of your financial status. The A5 hid kit is uniquely made in the following ranges; hid kit 6000K, A5 hid kit 80000K, A5 hid kit 10000K, A5 hid kit wire relay harness and many more. Your light bulbs will have the command you can cherish and smile all the way home during darkness.