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The automotive lighting industry has finally broken through the darkness with the new xenon lighting technology. The Colorado hid kit is part of that technology, providing drivers with everything that they have been dreaming of when it comes to night driving and visibility. Come and join the millions of drivers that have experienced this phenomenon. It’s easy to upgrade, no modifications, instructions provided, and backed with a one year warranty. The happiest moment has finally come with the introduction of the automobile lighting commander; the Colorado hid kit light bulbs. The hid kits utilize the new xenon lights technology to provide the required visibility on the road during the night. The traditional halogen lighting makeshift is replaced by these new xenon kits which have increased the amount of light to as much as three times than other hid kit light bulbs. The hid kits have the below ranges; Colorado hid kit 6000K, Colorado hid kits 8000K, Colorado hid kits 10000K, Colorado hid kit hid kit wire relay harness and the Colorado hid kit digital hid kit slim ballasts. The hid kits have solved the problem of partial lights on the roads at night.