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Mazda B3000 HID Kit apart from putting the best headlights on the Mazda B3000 also improves the ability for visibility as a driver drives away. The curved bulbs are easy to install and therefore does not require any external help and can as a result save on cost. The brightness of lights such as the bulb found in an HID kit glows all over the ring. Mazda B3000 HID Kit and its lights have xenon which has triple times more light out put compared to the below standard halogen counterpart. The illumination is also pretty bluer and consequently improves the overall visual effect on the eyes. The headlights can be gotten of forms made of glass and not the traditional plastic. This is important because the hot head of the car’s engine has a tendency to burn the plastic and cannot do the same damage to glass. Be sure to get yourself a bulb for your B3000 before they run out.