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The great design of the Sebring coupe and the Sebring convertible has definitly attracted a lot of drivers. The sleek design joined with great capabilities makes it a great car. This is why a xenon upgrade is considered to be the next best thing for your sebring, it adds to its beautiful appeal, and promotes safety in night driving. Sebring HID Kit 95-00 at the best prices. We carry Sebring HID Kit 95-00 in stock ready to ship. Sebring HID Kit 95-00 are custom for your vehicle For maximum comfort when having your daily drive you need to ride in Chrysler Sebring car since it will offer you what you need. It is a good luxury car easy to manage and also is quite affordable. Its exterior and interior features are well fixed to create the right mood when driving. Certain standard feature make the on board passengers comfortable like availability of air conditioners and heated leather seats. Chrysler Sebring hid kit is always functional any time you need its services. You can decide to change the kit after buying your car if you are not comfortable with the original ones installed in your car by the car engineers. For replacement you can buy fresh ones from hid lights seller who can use his technicians to install them for you. You should rely on professional for perfect work and avoid car interference which may lead to its malfunction.