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Spectra HID Kit at the best prices. We carry Spectra HID Kit instock ready to ship. Spectra HID Kit are custom for your vehicle. The Kia Spectra uses H4 bulbs for 2002 and above. The H4 bulb is a dual filament bulb which has high/low. If you want to install HID on the this year Spectra you can go with our regular HID kit which is only for low beam, or the Bi-xenon which allows you to have a high beam as well. Improve your car’s looks and functionality with a set of our new Xenon HID Kits custom designed for your KIA Spectra! You will benefit a top of the line lighting system for your vehicle at an unbeatable price. Moreover, upgrading only takes a few minutes as our HID kits are really easy to install: remove the hood, take out the standard factory bulbs and replace them with the new xenon headlights. You’ll notice and enjoy the difference! Those long night drives won’t be so tiring anymore with one our Xenon HID Kits. Choose the set you want and upgrade your car now!