• LEXUS CT 200H

    LEXUS CT 200H (10)

    We offer parts for your Lexus CT 200h such as replacement bulbs and ballasts. This is the car model, which is known for its high cruising speed. It has a petrol engine which holds a capacity of 1.8 liters, the car has a control unit which is very powerful in its output, you are also guaranteed of a high level of safety as it has airbags in each of its four corners. Its wheels are durable enough therefore; it can with stand long driving hours. Lexus ct 200h is very economical in the consumption of its petrol. There is a Mercedes ct 200h hid kit which is installed in this car model to offer you a good lighting system especially when you are driving at night or in very rainy conditions. The hid kit has xenon which is an upgrade of any car model in the automotive industry. The hid kit is very economical in its consumption of energy in comparison to the traditional halogen kit. Your headlights will be in a position of granting you with highly powered light.
  • LEXUS ES 350

    LEXUS ES 350 (10)

    Find parts for your ES 350 including bulbs, ballasts and replacement LED lights. The Lexus Es is a mid sized car which has an attractive design and style. The car has a v6 engine which guarantees you a faster and effective driving speed. It is front wheel drive which has an automatic transmission for its out put. The seats of this car are made high quality leather which gives you comfort when you are sited .It is quite efficient in the level of consuming fuel, a reason that has made even more popular. The Lexus Es hid kit offers you great lighting options for your car model. The kit is very durable enough therefore; it can guarantee you a very long service. The level of the light that the kit emits depends greatly on the temperature levels that you have adjusted to your automobile. High temperatures will exhibit dim light while low temperatures will give you very bright light. This is one of the bets accessories that our car should not miss to have.
  • LEXUS GS 350

    LEXUS GS 350 (10)

    Find parts for your GS 350 including Lexus replacement bulbs and ballasts. When we talk of style and sophistication in the world of automotive industry, then you can not miss to talk about the Lexus Gs. This is one of the cars that has undergone several rebranding to give it the current exorbitance. The car has comfortable seats and all drive wheels, this means hat you can drive your Lexus to any given road condition. The car has a very efficient v6 engine which carries a capacity of 3.6 liters. In order for your car to offer you good lighting system, you are required to have an hid lighting system which is improved. The Lexus Gs hid kit has been provided to offer the sufficient lighting fragment that can make you veer of from any obstacle that might be on the road. This is a great step towards reducing accidents scene or injuries. The hid kit comes in various sizes and designs; therefore you are needed to select the one that meets your personal preferences.
  • LEXUS GS 450H

    LEXUS GS 450H (10)

    Find replacement bulbs and LED lighting for your GS 450h made by Lexus. Lexus gs 450 is one of the highly powered car model in terms of speed. it’s the only car which can guarantee you a high driving experiencing that you have been looking for. the car has a highly performing engine which produces the horse power of 750. It is one of the cars that has good braking systems and automatic modes for controlling your speed. the interior design of this car is quite impressive. it is spacious thereby giving you room to move in freely. there is the Lexus gs 450h hid kit that has been made to improve your car’s design. the kit contains xenon which is referred to as one of the highly productive inert gas in giving out light emissions. The hid kit also powers your bulbs and it is only compatible to OEM enabled car models. The hid kit can also improve the headlight system of your car due to its great out put measures. Get one for your car today.
  • LEXUS GX 460

    LEXUS GX 460 (10)

    Find replacement bulbs and ballasts for your GX 460 including kits. Exorbitance is the best adjective that is used to describe this car model. The Lexus gx automobile is a v8 engine which has a capacity of 4.6 liters. This type of engine gives you a moderate driving speed and consumes little fuel. The car is also installed with safety devices such as the air bag so that any car impact does not affect you greatly. Its steering wheel can offer you a good glimpse and therefore increase your performance when you are driving. For an improved vision when you are driving in dark spots, there is the Lexus Gx hid kit which has been made for your car. This kit has the lighting content which is quite efficient and long lasting. You are required to install this kit to your car for an improved performance. The hid kit is made from quality materials hence; you are assured of longevity in its use. Install it to your automobile for clarity in your vision mode.
  • LEXUS HS 250H

    LEXUS HS 250H (10)

    Lexus HS 250h cars can be updated with bulbs or replacement HID kits for fog lights. There is no car model hat surpasses the Lexus Hs 250h in both its features and performance when you are riding it. This car model comes in different flashy colors that make people turn heads when you are driving it. This car gives you a pleasure of four power train modes that include EV, power, eco and normal. Its engine also is very powerful and consumes a fuel capacity that is not high. The car’s wheels offer you a comfortable driving mode. There is a Lexus Hs 250h hid kit that is favorable in granting you great brightness as you drive in dark, mist, or foggy conditions. This kit is made with high technological levels. It is only compatible to any HID bulbs, therefore, you need o install this bulbs for your hid kit to work efficiently. The installation of the kit to your automobile is quite easy and fast, you are given a manual of instructions that you should follow for excellent installation.
  • LEXUS IS 250

    LEXUS IS 250 (10)

    Find replacement lighting parts such as bulbs and HID for yoru Lexus IS 250. The Lexus is a car that has very many attractive features. Its design is quite appealing and the engine very good because it is economical in consumption of fuel. The frontal part of this car is fixed with air bags which help greatly in maintaining the stability of this Lexus automobile. It has aluminum pedals and calibrations that are very firm; its wheels perform highly even if you drive for very long hours. It has anti lock brakes. The availability of Lexus is hid kit has greatly improved the safety levels of many car owners. This kit is in a position of enabling your bulbs to produce the light intensity that is friendly to your eyes but very strong to pass through all the dark corners that you might be driving at. The hid kit has been made specifically to replace the halogen lighting system which produces light which is not bright enough.
  • LEXUS IS 350

    LEXUS IS 350 (10)

    Find parts for your Lexus IS 350 such as bulbs, ballasts and xenon kits.
  • LEXUS IS300

    LEXUS IS300 (10)

    We offer lighting products for your Lexus IS300 including OEM ballast and HID conversion kits including replacement bulbs.
  • LEXUS LS 460

    LEXUS LS 460 (10)

    Find replacement bulbs and ballasts for your Lexus LS 460. If you worried about driving around in your Lexus then Lexus LS HID kit is a perfect solution. Your HID headlights will provide you with more road coverage since they discharge high intensity lights that allow you to see the oncoming traffic. It is a beautiful kit that contains backlights to give you quality reflection while parking at night. You will get a simple manual that will help you the installation of your HID lights. The HID bulbs are magnificent products for your Lexus since they are durable and provide and easy to maintain. Improve the lighting system of your Lexus by investing in this incredible and glamorous kit. This kit comes in distinct colors and tones to complement your beautiful car. You will find it complete and reliable which gives you the confidence to drive in the stormy weather. You will also have access an effective conversion kit that will largely upgrade your lighting system.
  • LEXUS LS 600H L

    LEXUS LS 600H L (10)

    Find replacement bulbs and ballasts for your Lexus LS 600h L. Lexus LS 600h hid kit is a luxurious sedan that designed with exotic features. Your full size Lexus comes with an elegant interior that will guarantee you comfort and safe. Its exteriors are complemented by beautiful headlights that come in an easy to install HID kit. You will experience safe driving with effective Hid headlights that will enable you see the clearly while driving in the middle of the night. Your LEXUS LS 600H HID kit has been tested in the harshest conditions and proved to meet the set standards. It is a valuable product that emits strong reflection and high intensity lighting for better visibility. Your KIT also contains fog lights that are brighter and more brilliant in their performance. TH e HGID bulbs are made from high quality material that ensures your lighting system is simply perfect. You can sample your HID kit in different sizes and colors that can fit your model.
  • LEXUS LX 570

    LEXUS LX 570 (10)

    Find replacement D4 bulbs and ballasts for your Lexus LX 570. Lexus LX is a sports utility car that exhibits an incredible finishing and a luxurious interior that is adorned with comfortable leather seats. Lexus LX HID kit is one of the most high performance kit and is popular for beaming brighter reflections. With this one of a kind kit, you will be able to view on coming traffic, animals and pedestrians das you drive during the night. It is an effective kit that contained back lights that discharge high intensity lighting to allow you park easily. It also features a conversion kit that will largely upgrade your lighting system. Hid kit is very easy to install since it comes with a manual that guides you in a very simple language. Your vision will totally be changed by this quality product that assures you of safety as you cruise through the night in the stormy weather. It is must have HID kit that leaves your car looking fabulous.
  • LEXUS RX 350

    LEXUS RX 350 (10)

    Lexus RX 350 bulbs and LED upgrades can be found below. Lexus RX is a beautiful crossover whose luxurious exterior is admirable. It is a high powered model with excellent features. Experience a fantastic ride in a well designed vehicle that exhibits elegance and prestige. Your Lexus RX HID kit is a product that will enhance your lighting and improve your vehicles appearance. Your HID headlights discharge high intensity light that enhances road coverage. The HID headlights also enable you to Drive with confidence on the darkest road since reflection of their light is clearly visible. Your kit has actually been tested to suit your specific model and is available in different sizes, designs and colors. It is a quality product produces longer lasting light. Your Hid kit is very easy to maintain and is durable saving you the cost of replacing every now and then. With this magnificent product you are assured of your own safety as well as that of your family while driving during the night. It is affordable and very effective in its functions.
  • LEXUS RX 400H

    LEXUS RX 400H (10)

    Find replacement headlight bulbs for your Lexus RX 400h at low prices and great service. The automotive industry is has unveiled the latest Lexus which is a very appealing SUV car. It is designer car that is recognized for its swiftness in speed and elegance in its interior décor. You will love the magnificent Lexus RX 400h HID kit that will guarantee you perfect lighting during the night. This kit comes with brilliant fog lights and cute headlights that discharge high intensity light to improve your visibility. It is a conspicuous and distinct light that will make your fellow drivers quickly notice you. It is a unique kit whose backlights allow you to park without causing major accidents. The HID bulbs that come with this kit are elegant and powerful in producing strong reflections for perfect vision. Drive confidently in the wee hours of the night by investing in this incredible product. It is easy to install and maintain. The HID kit is very affordable and efficient in its functions.


    Lexus SC ISF sport cars. These vehicles are Lexus sport car models with performance engines and looks. If you have an SC or IS-F you can appreciate an HID kit upgrade for your headlights or fog lights. We advise you to buy now the 6000K, 10000K and the 30000K Lexus SC ISF Coupes HID kit and begin experiencing lights power. For only $ 109.99 a piece, you will be able to upgrade your car to levels that will keep your competitors wondering why they were left so behind when you were innovating a new light experience. Adding the xenon kit to the whole set up will also means that you have leant from the mistakes of the unsafe, non-performing halogen bulbs and you are geared for a whole better experience. The headlights provide a very clear and sharp focus lights able to illuminate even in the very pitch-black road as you come out of that evening party with friends. Above all else, with the bulbs affixed on your car, you will be able to induce the very best performance that a car you have ever owned as ever experienced.

Lexus HID Kit were introduced on Lexus models around the year 2000. They were introduced on the Lexus GS300, GS400, and the IS300 models ate that time. The Kit are eye catching, as you see them driving during the night, you see the beautiful, hues of blues. Lexus HID Kit are now included on every Lexus model as an OEM option. When purchasing a vehicle from your Lexus dealer, all you have to do is ask for the xenon lighting option. For another $600 to $800 you have xenon lighting. Lexus HID Kit are also available to be installed on your car if you don’t have that option from the factory. The HID kit can be purchased online, and is designed to be a plug and play system for the Lexus models. It usually takes about 25-30 minutes of your time.