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Traverse HID Kit upgrades are available from the factory as an OEM upgrade. But if you purchased the vehicle second hand and the original owner never had that upgrade installed onto the vehicle, then you have an option of saving a lot of money by installing an after market Xenon kit. These kits deliver the same great lighting and the same durability and warranty for a fraction of the price. Otherwise if you already have the factory system on your Traverse, and you just need replacement parts, then look no further becuase we carry OEM parts for Factory HID kits, for a lot less then your dealer. Traverse 6000K HID kit provides 3 times more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights! 100% Plug-n-Play! Top quality made in Germany. Traverse head kits are made under strict quality control of ISO-90001 certified factory. HID kits’ ballast and bulb in 6000K HID kit, for example have passed the strictest OEM specific test by OSRAM (Germany). All Xenon lights sold have a 1 year warranty. These light bulbs are 100% water proof. Xenon kits’ integrated one piece Ballast, simplified wiring eliminates any unnecessary confusion during installation. HID kits have a failure rate o3% .Xenon kits are found to be the most reliable in the market. Xenon lights’ lumen output is superior compared to others.