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With the many options like the digital slim ballast, the 30000K bulbs and the Xenon bulbs among so many others the Tribute HID Kit is well geared to offer your car the best possible choice. Most headlamps seeker look for the most durable, most spectacular, well designed and top quality lights, in the Tribute Xenon HID kit, they will surely find all those and much more. The reason being that with the xenon bulbs, you are guaranteed a very far reaching illumination that even at night all the other motorist will sense your presence from a far off. The bulbs, moreover, have a crystal clear focus that is totally unmistakable and defined. All you need is slightly more than a $100 and you will be set to get your very own Tribute HID Kit. The Tribute can only perform to the hilt of its high performance with the very best of the xenon HID lights kit.