AZTEK HID KIT (10)

    Pontiac Aztek HID Kit to upgrade your headlights with the latest in technology. Aztek may not be the best looking vehicle, but with some simple upgrades you can make your vehicle more attractive. The Pontiac Aztek was well received on the automobile market for its unique design and great rugged design. Pontiac’s unique sports utility vehicle claimed to be a great city car for drivers and Pontiac attempted to separate the SUV from competitors by promising a great off road experience. The Aztek even came in bright yellow that stood out amongst other, plain colored SUVs. Aztek front headlights came with standard halogen lights, but upgrading to HID lights gave the driver better visibility through high grade xenon gas. The HID upgrade provided brighter beam front lights and withstood the elements from outdoor driving.


    Bonneville HID Kit for your Bonneville headlights. Upgrade your Bonneville with a upgrade that you can use every day. At night it will make a large difference. The Pontiac Bonneville was manufactured as a luxury family sedan from 1957-2005. The Pontiac Bonneville is one of the largest cars manufactured by the American company, and its interior was well designed to provide a soft ride for driver and passengers. Bonneville got its name from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah that signified its top of the line drive while even topping high speeds. The Pontiac Bonneville came with standard halogen lights that withstood elements and road debris. Upgrading the car’s front headlights with HID xenon gas light bulbs gives better visibility to the driver reducing the chance for night time accidents.

    FIERO HID KIT (10)

    Buy a Fiero HID Kit at great savings. Upgrade your headlights today with Fiero HID Kit. A popular car in the 1980’s, the Pontiac Fiero was a mid-sized sports car with a sleek design that screamed fast style. The automobile even had the flip front lights that most people envied in any sports car. Produced from an original concept from John DeLorean, the Pontiac Fiero brought a new style to the road that was unlike any other car during that decade. The sports car came with standard halogen front lights, but even today they can be upgraded. Upgrading the Fiero’s front headlights to HID light bulbs will provide the driver with better visibility and a unique look coming down the road at night.


    Pontiac Firebird HID Kit can be installed in minutes and give you the additional light your looking for. The Pontiac Firebird has stapled its design into automobile history as an American classic. The Pontiac Firebird discontinued production in 2002, but many models still exist on the roads today. The Pontiac Firebird is considered one of the muscle cars, and it competed against many other manufacturer cars within the same class. Later models came with flip front lights which was a favorite of many sports car owners. The Firebird’s front light bulbs can be upgraded with HID lights that provide a brighter beam giving a unique look from the front at night. Xenon gas light bulbs also give drivers better visibility.
  • G3 HID KIT

    G3 HID KIT (10)

  • G5 HID KIT

    G5 HID KIT (10)

    The Pontiac G5 is one of the company’s biggest selling compact cars that provide customers with an affordable, gas efficient car. The Pontiac G5 was introduced in recent years and it has continued to become a popular American car. The G5 also comes with some of the new age gadgets such as iPod connections. It also comes with older standards such as manual transmission. The Pontiac G5 comes with standard lighting, but its front headlights can be upgraded to HID light bulbs that provide a brighter front beam to increase visibility. Xenon gas is better for drivers and gives the car a unique front view look.
  • G6 HID KIT

    G6 HID KIT (10)

    Pontiac G6 is a new vehicle introduced by Pontiac. This vehicle has killer looks and could use an HID upgrade. What is an HID? Its also known as xenon, and it means alot of light! The Pontiac G6 is a continued production from the former G5 model. Its introduction was in 2005, and it has continued to be a popular compact car that provided customers with an affordable drive. The Pontiac G6 was made to replace the older, popular Grand Am and it has an equally comfortable ride. The headlights in the Pontiac G6 are standard halogen glass that is designed to withstand the elements and road debris that can shatter the front headlights. Upgrading to HID front lights gives drivers much more visibility that ultimately lowers chances of night time accidents.
  • G8 HID KIT

    G8 HID KIT (10)

    G8 HID Kit upgrade for your headlights. Seem better with an G8 HID upgrade that your vehicle deserves. The Pontiac G8 was introduced by the manufacturing company to replace its older Bonneville model. Pontiac needed to revive its luxury family sedan model, so it designed a new style sedan to refresh its position. The Pontiac G8 HID has more power than the other models, and it continues to provide customers with affordable luxury. The luxury Pontiac G8 sedan comes with standard halogen front headlights, but upgrading to high quality HID light bulbs gives the car a unique, stylish beam. The Xenon gas light bulbs increase visibility lowering chances of night time collisions. Options: Low Beam, High Beams, Fog Lights


    Pontiac Grand Am is one of America's popular vehicles. Grand Am HID Kit 99-04 at the best prices. We carry Grand Am HID Kit 99-04 instock ready to ship. Grand Am HID Kit 99-04 are custom for your vehicle. The Pontiac Grand Am was a long time manufactured mid-sized car introduced in the 1970’s. The car was mid-sized, but it was a popular family car for many years. It was also a popular car for its comfortable ride to work for professionals. The original stock Pontiac Grand Am comes with standard halogen headlights that resist road debris and elements. You can upgrade your headlights to HID xenon gas to provide better visibility. Grand Am cars that have xenon light bulbs installed also have a unique look in the dark when seen from far distances.


    Grand Prix HID Kit 99-04 are custom for your vehicle. The Pontiac Grand Prix is a bit of a step up from the older Grand Am. While the Pontiac Grand Am was a mid-sized car, the Pontiac Grand Prix had the same features and comfortable drive with a roomier interior. The Pontiac Grand Prix is a full sized family sedan that is part of Pontiac’s higher end models. The car comes with standard halogen headlights, but for a more durable front headlight set HID xenon gas emits a brighter beam of light for the driver. Not only do HID headlights provide a better beam of light in the dark, but the light makes the car uniquely recognized driving down the road.

    GTO HID KIT (10)



    Montana HID Kit upgrade for your Pontiac Montana headlights. The Pontiac Montana was the company’s grand minivan giving families a way to travel comfortably while keeping a high mileage per gas gallon. Although it maintained popularity in the 1990’s, Pontiac discontinued the Montana in 2006. It is still sold in Canada, so they are still seen on the road today. If you own a Pontiac Montana, you can upgrade the front headlights with a HID kit. Using xenon gas light bulbs for headlights provides a greater element of visibility for the driver. Kids are often towed in minivans and the HID front lights help provide a safer ride by reducing the chance for collisions.


    Pontiac pursuit is a crossover of the Chevrolet cobalt compact car that was manufactured in 2004 to be shown during the 2005 model year. The car was first marketed by the Pontiac division of the general motors. This car was later released as a coupe to the US market in 2006 to be their 2007 model car. In North America, the car was built using the GM Delta Platform while in Canada and Mexico, the car was sold as a sedan. Pontiac pursuit HID Kits are made to give your car a good look that will leave you feeling comfortable. The kit includes headlights, taillight, fog lights and turn signal lights all of which are bright enough to give security as you drive. These lights are of high quality and very much affordable to you. Their beam covers a wide range of area and you are able to see vehicles approaching from either of your sides


    Solstice HID Kit upgrades are easy to install. Your vehicle may even have an HID xenon from factory, but don't worry, if you have fog lights you can also change those. The Pontiac Solstice catapulted the company into the competition of small sports car manufacturers. The Pontiac Solstice has increased in popularity as it has given drivers and fans of American cars a sporty option that is compact and quick from the get-go. The car has a sleek, unique design with a sloped front hood that molds into the front headlights. The headlights in the Pontiac Solstice can be upgraded with a HID kit to provide higher visibility light bulbs. The xenon headlights reduce the chance of collisions and they give the sports car a defined look unlike any other car on the road.


    Pontiac sunbird is the second small car produced by the Pontiac division of the general motors in the 1970’s. It is a model that has been successful for 18 years of modeling but was later replaced by the Pontiac Sunfire in 1995 whereby, it was marketed as a sports car. Through all of its modeling years, the car presented itself as a notchback coupe, sedan, hatchback, station wagon all with convertible body styles. The car holds a big title in the Pontiac car production. Pontiac Sunbird hid kit includes modified headlights which come with great prices that are affordable to you. The kits come in different designs that are made to fit in your car as they give it a great look. You will also feel the comfort after your car is installed with these kits since their lights are bright to give you a clear vision as you drive. You will need to replace your old halogen bulbs with this xenon filled bulbs and you will see the difference for yourself.


    Installing our Sundance HID Kit for your Plynouth car can’t be any simpler. All you need to do is just disconnect the old bulb and insert the ballast harness of the HID in its place. When its time to hunt for HID lights, head straight to us for the best HID lights in the market. Our kits are manufactured under strict quality control in ISO-9001 certified factories. All our kits come with a 1 Year warranty against defects. Our kits come with 2 bulbs and 2 ballasts for low and high beam. We have the widest range of bulb types for each model of car. But you need not worry about matching the correct type of bulb for your vehicle. Just specify the model of your car and we will send the corresponding kit. For the simplest installation of HID lights for your car, use our top quality HID conversion kits.


    Sunfire HID Kit 95-02 at the best prices. We carry Sunfire HID Kit 95-02 instock ready to ship. Sunfire HID Kit 95-02 are custom for your vehicle. The Pontiac Sunfire was introduced in the 1990’s to replace the former Sunbird model. It is a small, compact car that was popular among students and long distance traveling professionals. The sporty little car even came with a convertible option after the year 2000. The Pontiac Sunfire became an affordable convertible for those who could not purchase high priced models from other manufacturers. The halogen front headlights can be upgraded with a HID kit that converts them to xenon gas light bulbs that provide better visibility to drivers. The better visibility not only has a unique look for the car, but it helps reduce the chance for collisions.


    Pontiac sun runner is a mini SUV track that was introduced in 1988 to be the 1989 model car. The car was jointly produced by the General Motors of Canada and the Suzuki (CAMI). Other sun runner models were produced in 1989 but were made from Japan and later imported to US. This is because the CAMI factory in Canada had begun making delays in producing these cars. Production in Japan was later stopped since from 1990, all tracks were produced in Ingersoll. Pontiac sun runner HID Kit are a great deal to every driver since they give a much bright light that will enable you see up to 75% of the road as you drive in the night. Many of the bulbs used in the kit are filled with the xenon gas which is economical and that saves up to 40% energy used by the halogen bulbs. Their bulbs are of different temperatures and you should ensure that you purchase bulbs that rhyme the temperatures that you drive in.


    Torrent HID Kit The Pontiac Torrent is one of the company’s sports utility vehicles. It was the successor to the popularly stylish Aztek that started to decline in sales and it was discontinued. Unlike its predecessor, the Pontiac Torrent has been rated well and it is an affordable SUV that competes with other larger models. The Pontiac Torrent has distinct front headlights that allow it to be distinguished from its Chevy competitor. Upgrades to the front headlights can be made through HID kits. The upgraded headlights to xenon light bulbs provide better visibility for drivers and a unique look in the dark.


    Trans Am HID Kit for your sealed beam headlights. You can upgrade your Pontiac Trans Am with HID even if you do have sealed beam with an aftermarket headlight. Years 1998-2002 will require the special headlights sold below before you can change the bulb. The Pontiac Trans Am is a well known American muscle car that was discontinued in the early millennium. The car was fast, loud, and engine upgrades allowed it to compete with faster stock cars like the Chevrolet Corvette. Its distinct model design was well received from fans, but its sales were not high enough for the company to continue its production. The flip lights were bright halogens that were only visible at night. HID kits can be used to upgrade the Pontiac Trans Am headlights to provide xenon gas light bulbs. The upgrade gives the driver better visibility and brings a unique colored beam to the car’s style.


    Pontiac is an automobile brand established in 1926 as a companion makes for general motors Oakland. It was sold in united states, Mexico and Canada by general motors it is considered the low priced vehicle. Pontiac cars are of different makes and variety of colors. Examples are, Pontiac de lexes, Pontiac big six series, Pontiac station wagon you only need to purchase your choice. Pontiac engines are high in performance, affordable and of high quality. Pontiac Trans Sport lights are excellent fitting and quality lights the kit includes head lights, fog lights ,driving lights, break lights and back up lights they are designed to fit the original standards of the manufacture., they also have a direct fit design. they have the fog lights and driving lights enables the driver to drive at all weather the back lights ensures that light is produced at all times. Pontiac Trans sport lights gives your vehicle extra light making it look great, unique and beautiful.

    VIBE HID KIT (10)

    Upgrade your Pontiac Vibe with an exclusive HID upgrade from CarHIDKits.com. We have the largest selection of HID upgrades for your Vibe. The Pontiac Vibe is a small, compact hatchback car that is great on gas mileage. Its inception in 2003 has provided customers with an affordable small car that competes with other small hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen or Mazda. The popular Pontiac Vibe is a hybrid of car and SUV and it has the control of a car with the roominess of an SUV. The front lights of the Pontiac Vibe are halogen standard lights. Upgrades to the headlights can be done with a HID kit to bring upscale xenon light bulb options that produce a brighter beam for visibility.

    WAVE HID KIT (10)

    Pontiac Wave HID Kit to upgrade those dim halogen headlights with quality aftermarket xenons. Upgrade your Pontiac Wave and see the difference. Pontiac Wave The Pontiac Wave is probably the smallest of the manufacturer’s line of automobiles. The Pontiac Wave has become more popular with the increase in gas prices for its great gas mileage. It is a great car for short trips or college students who need an affordable drive to school. The car comes with standard headlights that resist the rain elements and flying road debris. Upgrades can be done through HID kits to provide a brighter beam. The bright beam provides a unique look for the car while giving better visibility for drivers lowering the risk of road collisions.

Pontiac HID Kit are high intensity discharge lamps. They produce a much brighter light, that allows the driver of the vehicle to predict road conditions when night driving at a faster pace. When installing these Kit you notice at an instant the brightness and the clarity of the light when emitting during the night. These Pontiac HID Kit emit the type of lighting that mimics the suns lighting, which is easier on the drivers eyes, and helps when driving through a snow or rain storm. Pontiac HID Kit allow the driver to drive with confidents through the night knowing that with the 75% road coverage that the hid kit offers that he will be able to see animals when crossing, or see oncoming debris. The Kit offer many xenon bulb options, and also many different bulb temperatures. The temperature of the bulb depicts the color that it will emit.