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The Buick LeSabre which was first introduced in 1959 and was pulled from production in 2005. Buick never introduced Xenon upgrade from the factory. HID kits for this vehicle are provided through after market companies such as this one, to be an easy upgrade with no modifications required what so ever. IF your interested in stepping into the xenon world of light, then purchase on of our kits with a backed one year warranty. For a trouble free experience in purchasing accessories and maintenance, go for our Buick LeSabre HID lights for your car. See for yourself the amount of money that you save in the long run by switching over to our HID lights. They help you save enormously on replacement costs apart from being the best lighting accessories in the industry. Installation is very straightforward and simple. The connection to the old bulb has to be first disconnected and then the ballast harness of the HID has to be connected in its place. Our integrated one piece Ballast and simplified wiring eliminate any kind of confusion during installation. Our HID conversion kits are extremely durable. They work perfectly under wet conditions as well. In fact our kits have a 100% water proof construction which means that you can submerge the entire HID kit under water and it will still function perfectly well.