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Equinox HID Kit. If you have interest in increasing your night driving safety. Other then just staying at home and not driving at all during night time, you can do what a lot of people are discovering. Xenon HID lighting technology. The 300% increase in light that you will receive with these kits allows you to see for a further. It emites a wider range, allowing you to see the sides of the road. Also emits the type of lighting that mimcs the sun, which is easier on the human eye.. So now you dont have to stay home at night, its time to get out and drive with your new Xenon lighting kit. These hid kits enable you to receive over 300% increase in light and you can be assured of seeing further during the night. When you choose this hid kit you definitely increase your night safety as they emit a wide range of light allowing you to see the sides of the road and it also gives that brightness that mimics that of the sun which makes it comfortable for the eye. so why cant you get out and take a night drive with this xenon lighting kit instead of staying at home all night. You can be sure about the quality of these bulbs considering the strict tests that they have undergone and succeed and they give you more than three times light than the halogen bulbs. Replacements will be done for you on all hid kits as they come with a one year warranty against any defects that will be experienced.