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I Impala HID Kit are custom for your vehicle that are in stock and ready to ship at your command. If you have an old school one, or the bubble, or the new design we have it in stock for you year. If you have an older Impala with a sealed beam worry not we have open beams for almost every application, we sell sets without HID kits for $30 to $40. So what are you waiting for? Get your xenon German lighting technology here. If you have an old school vehicle, new design or bubble then the impala HID are the best for you. An old impala can be best fitted with impala HID kit bulbs which provide an excellent beam of light; this is basically xenon lighting which come in handy with total durability. The 6000K HID kit for instance provides three times more light and a clearer vision for you as compared to the traditional halogen lights. The impala HID kit has been made in Germany and are based basically on quality, manufactured under a hundred percent certified factory. They are also 100% water proof.