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The Audi R8, a magnificently crafted automobile is considered to be one of the best designs of the year. The R8 received phenomenal reviews by every magazine.The only down fall is everyone expected the vehicle to have a little more oomph in power for the price tag. But we cannot argue the sexy sleek design of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The R8 comes with xenon headlights from the factory, and we are proud to provide OEM replacement parts for the factory R8 HID kit. We carry all the parts in stock, and they are ready to ship within 48 hours. An Audi R8 is a magnificent and one of the best designs of the year. It has a sexy sleek exterior and interior designs. The Xenon headlights come with the vehicle from the factory. R8 Xenon lights are preferred for replacements done in pairs. R8 light bulbs are transported by the firm for shipping. For optimum lighting performance replacements should be done after every 2 years. The R8 HID kits have passed the reliability tests done by the certified ISO-9001 factory. DIR Ballast model of R8 for example is waterproof and shockproof. Xenon lights have a failure rate of 0.3% and a color tolerance not easily noticed by the eyes.