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LandRover Discovery and Discovery II are one of the more popular Landrover models introduced to date. These vehicles have had up’s and downs, but the new series is better than ever. If your Discovery headlights did not come with xenon HID package from factory, we recommend you upgrade that today with one from Land rover discovery is a middle sized sport utility vehicle built on light truck chassis and capable of driving on both off paved or gravel surface because of its large tires. It is manufactured by land rover in Britain since the year 1989. Its engine is placed in front of the vehicle passenger compartment with its all four wheels receiving force from the engine to control the car movement. This is the perfect car for you when you want to travel on poor roads. Since this car is capable of moving on any type of roads, it required hid kit because bad roads may also means bad street lighting and when you have the hid lights everything is perfect for you. Hid light will produce very bright light to enable you see where you are driving to. This is very useful when you want to avoid frequent accidents that might occur while you are driving. Hid kit bulbs are made under very cool temperatures that their chances of busting is rare.