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Buy and install a Porsche cayenne xenon kit for your car and enhance its safety on the road as well as maintaining its look. To get your product, simply browse for your desired product from the amazing selections available and make the order. You will be amazed at how easy you can install them. Once installed, it adjusts to the system instantly and sets your car ready for a safe drive. Good to note also is the durability of the product which is supreme and unsurpassed. HID kits are waterproof; a fact that makes it the reliable kit for both rainy and extreme weather conditions. Even in dusty environments, the lights are superb and cannot malfunction when covered with dust or mud. If there is any reason for you to evade this offer, then it might as well be personal. Move beyond personal issues and move with the road gurus of this age by cruising under a Porsche cayenne HID kit upgrade. It is time to say bye to halogen lights and embrace HID lights and receive the cheer ups.

2003-2010 Models and Up use D1S Bulbs if your vehicle was equipped with HID from factory.