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What is your pride if you own a Mitsubishi Evolution with poor headlights that are not able to give lights that go beyond 1 mile away? It is certain that you will have no pride to show other motorist driving at night especially when you plunge into the ditches or knock objects simply because you are not able to see them. That’s why you need to get the only known Mitsubishi Evolution HID headlight which is purposely designed to give the best lumen lights ever. The HID Kits are designed to give three times the light that traditional halogen bulbs are able to produce. Is this not amazing? For the best performance of your car you have no option but to get the HID Kit which sells very cheap. Apart from the unique price which is after market, you will also get a 1 year warranty on every HID Kit parts. The lights are durable and can operate for 3000 hours which could be the possible lifespan of your Mitsubishi Evolution. This means once buy forever use.