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Find parts for your Hyundai Equus such as HID kits, bulbs, LED and xenon. Life couldn’t be this enjoyable without the introduction of Hyundai equus. It’s the most luxurious car in the world of vehicles and the largest car in the company of Hyundai. It a rear wheel drive car and has a longer wheelbase. Some of these cars have bullet proof windows to ensure you safety while in the car incase. This explains why they are mostly used by the presidents and businessmen. It’s very spacious and has a cooling system incase of fire. Hyundai hid kit consists of hid light which uses hid bulbs that uses xenon gas which when ignited by the electrical charge of ballasts contained in the HID bulbs, provide much more light of up to two or three times better and brighter than normal halogen bulbs this in return ensures your safety on the road by enabling you to see more clear than before when you were using other bulbs.