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For quality proven vehicle headlights, you can choose on Volvo 740 HID headlights and HID Conversion Kits which are built to give the brightest lights ever for your night drives. This quality subjected HID Kits have passed through independent international test and found t give three times the light given by the traditional halogen bulbs. The lumen output of the HID Kits is just but amazing with a failure rate at 0.3% compared to the common HID Conversion Kits. The HID headlights are just but cheap and our prices can never be compared with any other retail price. We ensure that you purchase and come back joyfully and that’s why we give a 1 year warranty on every purchase of HID Kits. The Kit works automatically on plug and play system. This means that, it will not take you more time to have it installed and switched on for greater visibility. Order from the unique selection never to be disappointed by plunging into ditches at night.