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xA HID Kit comes with a special package from the scion automotive company. the company which have produced a total of 5 car models since it’s introduction continues to bring out the best HID kits in the market; and xA HID kit is one of them. The kit has been upgraded using xenon bulbs which are stronger and powerful than the conventional halogen bubs. The high density discharge lighting comes with a pair of xenon bulbs and wiring plugs. It is a fully plug and play kit, and if you are mean to travel at night, then you will be sure of an excellent visibility coupled with comfort and total security. Xenon has a longer life span compared to the traditional halogen bulbs which last for a short period of time. This ensures that your car remains safe and set for quite a good period of time. It also saves you on money; since you won’t have to replace it time after time. Save your money today by buying the xA HID Kit.