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This new breed of BMW’s is known as the E39 started in 1997 all the way up to 2003. The older generations of E39 did not come with HID system. However some of the newer 2000+ models do come with HID from factory. If your vehicle does not have HIDs and would like to upgrade, we offer a huge range of HID kits for you vehicle inclusive of the D2S and D2R higher Kelvin pairs. We also offer 6000k to 30000K HID kits and besides it we offer the Digital Slim ballast for you HID kits it’s the most advance and sophisticated ballast in the market. We also have in stock the Philips Xenon HID kits which is the World leader in manufacturing some of the best HID kits. The surprise offer is the Problem eliminator plug to keep you out of all worries. There are some new upgrades to light up your car 5 Series 97-03 License Plate Lamp, Halo LED Angel Eye E39 E60 E63 E65 E53 E90 we have the best 5 Series HID Kit 97-03 at the best prices. 5 Series HID Kit 97-03 are custom for your vehicle and plug and play.