So you own a Honda Accord. No matter what year it is, we all know they are reliable and great cars. One thing they lack is bright headlights. We have the easy solution for that, an Accord HID kit upgrade. Very simple, and anyone can do it. You take your Accord bulbs out, pop in new ones and mount the ballasts. The wires are plug and play. It will make a huge difference on your visability at night. From 1990 all the way to 2006 the Honda Accord has used 9006 bulbs for the low bea and 9005 for the high beam. Equip your Honda Accord with a new set of headlight bulbs and you’ll notice the difference! Tired of your old not so efficient factory bulbs? Just check out our offer of Xenon HID Kits, custom made for Honda Accord, both new and old models, starting with 1990 up to latest models! Our kits are not only perfectly suited for your car, but easy to install and very reliable. Designed, manufactured and tested by the best producers in the field of car lighting, we bring these HID Kits at the lowest prices on the market. Don’t miss this great opportunity of bringing your Honda to latest standards in lighting and safety!

    CIVIC HID KIT (10)

    Civic HID Kit 1990 and on... at the best prices. We carry Civic HID Kit instock ready to ship. Civic HID Kit are custom for your vehicle. If you own a Honda Civic you will appreciate the addition of an HID kit to your vehicles headlights. Installation is cake on Civic's, just pop the hood, remove the bulb from the back of your headlight and insert the HID bulbs. Wire the ballast with the connectors and your done. The earlier years of Honda Civic use 9006 / 9005 bulb setups and the 96-2000 year range uses H4. But don't worry what your Honda Civic uses, just tell us your model and we will send you the correct kit. With our new xenon HID kits you can bring your Honda Civic to a new standard of safety and lighting efficiency. Either you own a new model or a Civic as old as 1996, we have the best solution. It will make your new Honda look slicker or it will upgrade your old Civic’s usual headlights to modern standards. All this within minutes, as our HID kits are easy to install: just remove the hood, take out the old bulbs, and then plug the new xenon ones and you’re ready to go! All you need to do is check on our offer and choose the best solution for your car!

    CR-Z HID KIT (10)

    Find aftermarket HID kits and accessories for your Honda CR-Z.

    CRV HID KIT (10)

    CRV HID Kit 03-UP at the best prices. We carry CRV HID Kit 03-UP instock ready to ship. CRV HID Kit 03-UP are custom for your vehicle. It’s a big car, we know it! But what would you say if we can prove you safety is much more than that? Could you say no to an efficient, easy and affordable way of making your SUV even safer? Do you remember your last long night drive? You might not, because back then, well, you didn’t see much! With our new set of xenon HID kits, lighting problems are a thing of the past! An easy way to benefit of the best headlight bulbs out there, all this for an affordable price and with a very easy to install package!

    CRX HID KIT (10)

    The CRX headlights use 9006 bulbs for the low beam and 9005 for the high beam. CRX HID Kit 88-91 at the best prices. We carry CRX HID Kit 88-91 instock ready to ship. CRX HID Kit 88-91 are custom for your vehicle. Your compact Honda will look great with HID lights installed! Yes, we know. They don’t make CRX’s since 1991! But what if you’d found out our offer for Xenon HID kits also includes your old Honda? Wouldn’t you want to bring your CRX up-to-date with the latest improvements? With custom designed headlights, you can take advantage of modern technology even on your old compact car, and not only it will look great, but with those new bulbs you’ll see the difference! Literally! Safety and car lighting specialists designed these custom bulbs, which are easy to use and come at a great pricing package! Check out our offer and you’ll surely find what you need!

    DEL SOL HID KIT (10)

    You have a Honda Del Sol, but you haev horribly dim lights when driving at night. Get yourself a Honda Delsol HID kit. Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 at the best prices. We carry Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 instock ready to ship. Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 are custom for your vehicle. Ever wandered what upgrade could make your Honda CR-X Del Sol convertible look even better? What about replacing your old factory headlight bulbs with a set of brand new, top quality xenon bulbs? Just check out our offer for HID kits, custom made to meet the requests of your Del Sol! Your car will definitely look better, and you’ll also gain a top lighting system, designed and tested specifically for your Honda model. These Xenon HID kits will also do a great job for boosting your car’s safety standard! Try our offer now, we have several models at the best prices out there!


    Element HID Kit 03-UP at the best prices. We carry Element HID Kit 03-UP instock ready to ship. Element HID Kit 03-UP are custom for your vehicle. The Honda Element is a practical vehicle which could always use upgrading. Exactly what is that both safety and looks “element” that can boost your Honda’s efficiency and appearance? You can’t imagine what a xenon HID kit can do for your crossover SUV! We have a great offer for factory headlight bulbs replacement. Designed, manufactured and tested by the very best producers, these HID kits are the best solution when it comes to the efficiency of your lighting system! Moreover, our HID kits are custom made for your Honda Element! And brought to you at the most competitive prices you will find on the market! Choose the HID kit that best suits you!


    Honda is the pride of Japanese auto manufacturing and FCX Clarity is one of their best cars. Now what is new in the automotive upgrades today? I can say with confidence that it’s the new lighting technology of the FCX Clarity HID kit technology. These kits are providing many drivers with a safer feel when night driving. Not to mention the extremely beautiful color hues that they emit. Now you can upgrade your FCX Clarity headlights with HID xenon lights. We offer a full range of HID kits ranging from 6000K to 30000K Kits along with this we have the Digital slim ballasts which is the heart of the lighting system and state of the art new Philips Xenon HID kits. Our products are backed by a one year hassle free warranty. FCX Clarity HID kit installation is an easy 3 step process and our product includes the step by step installation guide. Now you don’t have to await just logon to and we will deliver the product to your doorstep. We have the solution for all your lighting needs the FCX Clarity HID kits with all the accessories, the ballast which are the power house of a lighting system is also available. The latest in technology Slim Digital ballasts for your car is the best option for you as its energy efficient and state of the art. FCX Clarity HID Kits are available at the best prices.

    FIT HID KIT (10)

    Honda Fit, small compact vehicle with great gas mileage. Your vehicle may already come with xenon headlights. However, if you want to make a statement you can also upgrade your fog lights with an Fit HID kit. If your OEM bulbs have failed, we also carry replacements. The Honda Fit uses H4 bulbs for its low beam in 2007-2009. The fog lights on your Honda fit are H11. But no worries, we send you the right kit based on your model, you don't need to look it up. What else could fit better on your Honda Fit than a set of new custom designed xenon bulbs? Get rid of your usual factory headlights by replacing them with one of our safe and efficient xenon HID kits! Your Honda will not only look slicker and meaner, but it will also drive better, as our offer consists of only the best car lighting solutions, manufactured and tested specifically for your car model by the very best producers in the field of car lighting! Check out our offer and choose the best solution for your Honda, you won’t find these HID kits for a better price elsewhere!


    Honda has produced many award winning cars over the years and Insight is one of their best. We carry Insight hid kit and parts for your vehicles headlights. Honda has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best vehicles over the years. But having a quality car without an excellent lighting system is not acceptable. Choose from ballast, bulbs or complete Insight HID Kit. This is your chance you are at the right time and at right place we offer phenomenal prices for the HID kits. We have a great variety of products you just need to browse through them to select what best suits you. Our offering includes HID kits ranging from 6000K to 30000K headlight kits. Along with these kits we offer Digital Slim ballasts which controls the flow of current to the Xenon headlights to keep them safe in case of any short circuit. We also offer Philips Xenon Hid kits which are of high quality and reliability. Buy the HID kit and you will see the difference they come with a one year warrant which will enable you to replace the xenon lights within that period of a warrant without paying for it. This is the most energy efficient lighting technology available in the market.


    Check out our great selection of Xenon HID kits, custom design to meet the specifications of your Honda Odyssey minivan! You’ll surely find what you need, as our HID kits are manufactured and tested by the best producers in the world and we brought them to you for the best prices out there. Replacing your headlight bulbs has never been easier and more rewarding, these new Xenon HID Kits will guarantee the safety and efficiency you’ve always wanted for your vehicle’s lighting system! Moreover, your new headlights will provide that extra touch you wanted for your car’s look!


    Passport is one of Honda’s best SUV’s but the bad thing is it doesn’t have HID’s and we know you are tired of your yellowish headlights leaving you in the dark, this is your chance and place to upgrade your headlights with a Passport HID kit. Passport HID Kit are considered to be the best lighting technology on earth. These HID kits are in stock and ready to ship within 24 to 28 hours, so you don’t have to wait for long. This lighting technology is state of the art and is designed to outlast even your vehicle. We offer all kinds of HID upgrades for your Passport the range goes from 6000K to 30000K kits, along with this we offer quality accessories to complete your upgrade from the low quality halogen lighting to the true HID lighting. These accessories include Digital Slim Ballast the world renowned Philips HID kits and wire harness for your HID kits. The installation is very easy it’s a 3 step process and all our products have an installation guide to walk you through the process. Passport HID kit provides us with the safety and comfort of night driving. This is your change upgrade the headlights on your Passport headlights with our HID conversion kit.

    PILOT HID KIT (10)

    Car and Driver’s magazine’s Best Large SUV for 2003 through 2008, the Honda Pilot surely proved its quality and efficiency! But if you are looking for a perfect improvement to benefit both your car’s safety and looks, you should search no further, as we offer you the best deal! By replacing your factory headlight bulbs with one of our many xenon HID kits available for your Honda Pilot, you can gain both a great safety bonus and a top quality lighting system! We offer the best solutions for unbeatable prices! Check for yourself and choose your custom design Honda Pilot HID kit!


    Prelude HID Kit 88-91 at the best prices. We carry Prelude HID Kit 88-91 instock ready to ship. Prelude HID Kit 88-91 are custom for your vehicle. Are you looking for an upgrade on your Honda Prelude? One that will not only make your coupe look even better but will also give you a good efficiency and quality boost? Try upgrading your old factory headlight bulbs by replacing them with one of our top xenon HID kits, custom designed for Honda Prelude models! These HID Kits are not only top quality, but you can also buy them for an unbeatable price! Moreover, upgrading your bulbs has never been easier: just remove the hood, take out the old ones and replace them with your desired custom xenon HID kit!


    Check out our new set of Xenon HID Kits custom designed to meet the specifications of your Honda Ridgeline! Upgrading will only take minutes: just remove the hood, take out the old headlight bulbs and replace them with one of our HID Kits. Safety and efficiency are our top priority, and you won’t be disappointed with using these top quality products, tested by the best manufacturers in the field of car lighting systems! Just check out our selection, choose a HID kit best suited for your needs and order today, as we offer not only the best products but also the best prices out there!
  • S2000 HID KIT

    S2000 HID KIT (11)

    The S2000 is the sports car of Honda. This vehicle come with 240HP and light weight packing some punch. S2000 HID Kit 00-05 at the best prices. We carry S2000 HID Kit 00-05 instock ready to ship. S2000 HID Kit 00-05 are custom for your vehicle. The Honda S2000 is the winner of several awards and distinctions, one of them being US News and World Reports Best Affordable Sports Car of 2008. If you own one, you probably want the best for you and you know you deserve the best pricing also. We offer you a large number of Xenon HID Kits, custom designed for your S2000, produced and tested by the best world specialists and brought to you for the most competitive prices! Replacing your headlight bulbs is easy, affordable and rewarding, considering the safety and efficiency bonuses that your car surely deserves!

Your car needs Honda HID Kits for optimal visability at night. Do you feel like your Honda headlights are not clear enough at night? Do your headlights sometimes make you wonder if they are on at all at night time because they are so dim? You are not alone. A lot of times when I get into my Civic hatch, I turn on my headlights, start driving, and wonder if they are on, and try to double check the light switch to see if they are on. I know you have the same problem at times also. A lot of people try and replace the bulb with a stronger one, they try to replace the headlight assembly all together. But without much success in actually giving you a brighter driving light. But guess what? There is finally a solution to this problem, and I can sum it up with three words. Honda xenon have been on the market for a few years now, but they have just started actually being more main stream to the public. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge lighting. Basically HID Kit include the following: Xenon bulbs, Ballasts, and plugs. For Honda lights the Xenon bulb is a gas filled bulb. They are called Xenon because that is the name of the gas that is used inside the bulb. It’s an odorless, colorless gas that responds to electrical current to emit a more whiter light. Honda Xenon Kit generally produce three times more light then the standard halogen bulb. The light that emits also has a longer and wider range. They also use 40% less electrical current. Xenon bulbs need to be installed with a ballast. The reason is the ballast act as a power house to the bulb. It controls the follow of the electrical current to the xenon bulb. Honda vehicles include the Civic, Accord, Prelude, CRX,