JAGUAR SUPER V8 (10)

    We offer HID kits and replacement bulbs if your Jaguar Super V8 came with factory HID bulbs. This is a luxurious car that has a long wheel base and a sport utility car. Its glasses are tinted for proper security and the seats are adjustable and it’s very convenient during hot seasons due to the presence of the air conditioning. It has got large twin exhaust finishers that makes it different from the other jaguar models. It’s also equipped with airbags to enhance your safety while driving. Its cost maintenance is very low hence many people going for it. Jaguar hid kit; Road carnage is increasing day by day. We can prevent it by ensuring that our vehicles are well equipped by this kit. The availability of this kit in your car is of a great help to your car and your life. Hid light in your car helps you to be on the safe side by letting your whereabouts be known by other drivers on the road. It’s very economical because it lasts longer as compared to other lighting equipment.

    S TYPE HID KIT (10)

    The S type is a exotic vehicle and deserves the best in aftermarket add-ons. Buy S Type HID Kit 00-UP at the best prices. We carry S Type HID Kit 00-UP instock ready to ship. S Type HID Kit 00-UP are custom for your vehicle. If you own an elegant car such as the Jaguar S-type you surely want the best accessories and upgrades possible. In the field of car lighting systems, we present you with the most complete collection of Xenon HID Kits, all custom designed for your Jaguar. Manufactured and tested by the best car lighting specialists around the world, these HID Kits are the perfect replacement for the standard factory headlight bulbs you currently posses. They will give your vehicle the efficiency and reliability you’ve always thrived for, as this top quality Xenon HID Kits are a safety bonus you can’t possibly refuse!

    X TYPE HID KIT (10)

    X Type HID Kit are easy to install. Choose from the following options. The smallest “cat” in the family, this X-Type surely knows its way on the road, cruising around in that royal Jaguar fashion we all know and love. This little cat deserves all your attention and if you have the opportunity to make her eyes glow stronger, why pass it on? Because this is exactly what our Xenon HID Kits will do: they will put that special spark in your cat’s eyes. Replace your old factory headlights with these technologically advanced xenon bulbs, and you’ll SEE the difference! Not only it will be easier to drive during night, but your car will also look much better!

    XF HID KIT (10)

    XF is the latest from Jaguar. Get a Custom XF HID Kit for that custom look for your Jaguar XF. Select below the right color temperature for your tastes. Awarded with the Car of the Year 2008 Trophy by a series of car magazines, this mid size luxury car by Jaguar Cars surely knows how to catch attention. If you own one of these wild cats, you have no other option but treat her with all your respect. And we have just the perfect accessory for you to make your feline even happier: a new set of xenon headlights, replacing your standard factory bulbs. Your Jaguar will look even meaner with one of our easy to install HID kits, custom made for your XF. Try or offer today!
  • XJ12 HID KIT

    XJ12 HID KIT (10)

    With an intention of granting you the best of all desired comfortable cars, the jaguar auto making company grants you the Jaguar xj12 that is more of a luxury car. It is presented in a full size luxury classical car the front layout. After undergoing redesigning, your jaguar is now presented in spectacular model that leaves many staring at it. Jaguar Company has now gained popularity. Thanks to this car. It is very economical in consumption of fuel. Jaguar xj12 hid kits helps you improve your driving through piercing colorful beams on your headlights that utilizes the most advanced and user friendly automobile technology otherwise known as High Intensity Discharge. It contains a full package of new xenon HID bulb. The light produced by these Xenon bulbs is very much comparable to that of the sun and its life expectancy can match that of your car in many cases. It gives your car a classy look.

    XJ6 HID KIT (10)

    XJ6 HID Kit are the best vehicles for HID upgrade. The XJ luxury saloon series by Jaguar certainly has its history. If you won one of these beauties, why not enhance its value by upgrading it with a brand new set of HID kits that will replace your standard factory bulbs with xenon headlights. Our Xenon HID Kits are designed, manufactured and tested by the best specialists in the field of car lighting system, which means you will only get the best for your XJ6 “feline”. Moreover, they are easy to install, they come in different versions and are custom made, specifically for your vehicle! Check out the offer and pick your option!
  • XJ6-R-12 HID KIT

    XJ6-R-12 HID KIT (10)

    XJ6-R-12 are a perfect vehicle for HID kit installation. Take advantage of our great offer for XJ-6-R-12 HID Kits and equip your Jaguar with one of these very efficient top of the line Xenon headlights and you will surely SEE the difference they make comparing to your old standard factory bulbs! Made by the best manufacturers of car lighting systems, we bring them to you for the best prices out there! Boost your car’s safety, efficiency and reliability with a set of our HID kits! Those long night drives won’t be so tiring anymore, and your car will surely look more attractive with a brand new set of out Xenon headlight bulbs!

    XJ8-XJR HID KIT (11)

    XJ8-XJR HID Kit for that custom look for your jaguar. No matter if you have the old or latest Jaguar XJ8 or XJR we can upgrade your headlight bulbs. Try out our new offer for custom designed Jaguar XJ8-XJR xenon HID kits and you’ll notice the huge difference. Boosting your car’s safety, efficiency and reliability standards, these HID kits will also bring a bonus to your Jaguar’s looks. Installing a HID Kit is also very easy: just remove the “feline’s” hood, take out the old headlight bulbs and replace them with one of our new top of the line xenon HID kits. A job taking no more than a few minutes, but that will benefit you for years! Try our offer today and have a better car tomorrow!

    XJS HID KIT (10)

    Jaguar as the name depicts is a legendry car making name. Jaguar XJS is a beautiful car with great curves and awesome performance. But this performance needs a bright road so it can cruise on the road. If you have halogen lights, we recommend upgrading with a XJS HID kit. We have a great verity of Xenon lights which are available in different sizes, different colors, and also have beams that range from high to low to high. Along with that the Philips Xenon light bulbs which are manufactured keeping in view the best quality of the product all the products are ISO 9001 certified. All our products have a 1year full warranty and we assure you that our products will outlast your vehicle. Our offers also include lights from 6000K to 30000K along with different accessories like the ballasts and wire harness which is very important as the stock wire harness is not of high quality. We have the XJS HID Kits in stock at our warehouse ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours. The installation is an easy 3 step process, which is further made easier by our installation guide which is available with all our products.

    XK8-XKR HID KIT (10)

    XK8-XKR HID Kit at great prices. Easy installation for your Jaguar. These XKR Jaguar Model is very similar to the Aston Martin body styles. That’s what I call a bad kitty! And I’m sure you agree your Jaguar XK8 is truly a magnificent piece of engineering! Why not take it one step further by enhancing this vehicle with a new, top of the line xenon lighting system? Our offer consists of several xenon HID Kits, custom designed to meet the specifications of your Jaguar XK-8! The products are manufactured and tested by the best engineers out there and we bring them for the best prices on the market. Installing one of the HID Kit is easy: remove the hood, take out the old standard factory headlights and replace them with our improved xenon bulbs!

Jaguar HID Kit are the most intelligent car lighting system on the market right now. They are simple to install and very affordable to purchase. These lights can be installed in your headlights low beam, high beam, and also in your fog lights for maximum lighting. Jaguar HID Kit were designed for the safety features that they promote. But the most distinctive feature we notice is the brightness and color that it emits. HID bulbs are designed to emit 300% more light onto the road then the halogen bulb. Also the temperature of the color gives the light a type of coloring. The reason for that is that the lighting system use xenon filled bulb. Xenon filled bulbs respond to electrical current, and the higher the current the more the color changes. Jaguar HID Kit come with these different color temperature xenon bulbs. 3000K, 4300k, 5000k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k, 12000K. The lowest bulb temperature gives off a golden yellow color, and the it moves into a white , into a blue, and then into a purple, the highest color would be a violet. We carry lights for Jaguar models such as the S-type, X-type, XF, XJ6, XJ6, XJR, XJ8, and XK8.