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New for 2011, the M37 comes with xenon from the factory. If your model has fog lights, consider upgrading that or the interior with LED lights. Infiniti is a fabulous car with a 4.5 liter engine. Discover the beauty of this sedan in its interior. It is an exotic car with a fine exterior made from strong and firm aluminum. It is economical in fuel consumption enabling you save a few coins. Infiniti M37 HID kit basically discharges high intensity lighting that will give you more road coverage for loner hours. It is a unique kit that contains efficient and reliable HID headlights that reflect brighter and brilliant light. Your visibility as you cruise through the darkest night will be clearer and better with this fantastic product. You will love the backlights that allow you to easily park and reverse your car during the stormy weather. HID kit also comes with a conversion kit that will help you upgrade your vehicles lighting system. It is important to make the highway a safer place to drive by purchasing this marvelous product that will enable you see the oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The quality HID bulbs are manufactured with strong material that can withstand daily driving. It comes in different designs that will definitely complement your model.