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Good news to all Mitsubishi Starion owners. We sell heavy duty and top of the range Mitsubishi Starion HID Kit. The HID Kit is exclusively designed to solve all your light problems especially when driving during dark nights or the low visibility period. You have a reason to smile during the fall when the air is humid and sometimes making it difficult to see the road. Assuredly there is no reason to knock objects or to loose direction and plunge into a ditch if you could get these HID headlights and HID Conversion Kit to give you the brightest lights ever. The HID Kit has a proven ISO-9001 mark of quality making it the only HID Kit in the market with an international ovation. The E-Mark will make you see even clearer how it is unique. You don’t need to be worried, our prices are after market and whenever you buy the HID Kit or part of the Kit, you will certainly get a 1 year warranty. Installation is just simple and our installation manual will even make it easier.