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Volvo V50 was conceived to replace this less-than-memorable wagon, and it improves on the formula by offering morealot style and the opportunity for better performance.The compact V50 has been dubbed a “sport wagon” by Volvo. We carry HID kits for your V50 and for the V50 fog lights. If you won a Volvo V50 station wagon chances are you have a family or you are interested in having a safe and efficient car. With our brand new Xenon HID Kits, you can have an even more reliable vehicle by an easy and fast replacement of your standard headlight bulbs with one of our V50 custom designed xenon bulbs. Your car surely needs the best when it comes to its lighting system, and we offer you the best solution for an unbeatable price you won’t find elsewhere on the market! Try our offer today and enjoy the benefits of a better car tomorrow!