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Dodge went directly into the high performance arena with its own version of the new Japanese 2+2 sport coupe vehicle. This vehicle called 3000GT in Mitsubishi form, the platform was based on that used by the Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon models. All of them shared the same wheelbase, but the Stealth and 3000GT bodies measured 10 inches longer overall and 6 inches wider. 4 Stealth models were offered, each with a driver-side airbag and 3.0-liter V6 engines. If you own a Dodge Stealth we recommend you upgrade with bright HID xenon lighting package from We offer unique and quality solution for your vehicle. Dodge models carry bright xenon stealth HID kit which provides excellent lighting together with quality bulbs which are made under strict quality control in a certified factory. the 10,000K HID kit for instance provide 3 times more light for your vehicle as compared to the halogen bulbs which prove a rather low beam of light for you. The fact that the xenon kit is 100% waterproof, provides you with an opportunity to submerge the entire kit in water and still have it function perfectly well. For headlights, stealth HID kit provide the best for both low and high beam headlights.