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Find parts for your ES 350 including bulbs, ballasts and replacement LED lights. The Lexus Es is a mid sized car which has an attractive design and style. The car has a v6 engine which guarantees you a faster and effective driving speed. It is front wheel drive which has an automatic transmission for its out put. The seats of this car are made high quality leather which gives you comfort when you are sited .It is quite efficient in the level of consuming fuel, a reason that has made even more popular. The Lexus Es hid kit offers you great lighting options for your car model. The kit is very durable enough therefore; it can guarantee you a very long service. The level of the light that the kit emits depends greatly on the temperature levels that you have adjusted to your automobile. High temperatures will exhibit dim light while low temperatures will give you very bright light. This is one of the bets accessories that our car should not miss to have.