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The Escort ZX2 is one of the elegant Ford cars. If you would like to enhance the look of your Escort ZX2, a good idea would be to switch to HID lights. Xenon HID kits are by far the most well known HID kits. Installing HID lights to your car would first of all give you an increased output of light. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy a more relaxing drive since it provides high visibility. In addition to giving your Escort ZX2 that opulent look, HID lights last much longer than standard bulbs. Hence HID kits enable you to save much more in the long run. Escort ZX2 HID Kit 98-03 at the best prices. We carry Escort ZX2 HID Kit 98-03 instock ready to ship. Escort ZX2 HID Kit 98-03 are custom for your vehicle.