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If you have an Land Rover LR3 HID Kit then you can appreciate a HID upgrade from Car HID It is a two door middle sized sport utility car with off road capabilities produced by the Land rover. It has 4.4 liter engine, it has anti theft cage construction that is made of very strong steel to keep you safe and side impact beams. With its high performance, you still have a chance to buy it cheaply in the market. It is the best sport utility car made in very good condition. Land rover lr3 hid kit has a cornering break control in case you are driving on areas with a lot of corners had to handle. The hid kit of land rover lr3 is designed in such a way that it fits your car headlights or corner bulb lights, the hid light consume very little energy but has vey high light output for your car. Most accidents usually occur due to poor visibility and when you install hid kit to your land rover headlight, then you are automatically safe on the road, the light produced is such clear that you are able to see anything on the road.