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I’m sure you love your new Dodge Nitro. Its classy, cool and desiring some modifications! Nitro is smaller than the Durango and lends the basic design to the jeep Liberty. Its true this vehicle may not be as unique as you may wish, but one thing you can do is adding an HID upgrade to improve the looks and utility of your new vehicle. A simple HID upgrade can be installed in as little as 30 minutes providing you substantial light! The new nitro hid kit is made with cool and classy touches to give the head kit a soothing feeling and rare modifications. Its relatives smaller and can accept any kind of upgrades than most hid kits. The kits upgrade and replacement can last for only 30 minutes hence saving your time and energy. The nitro hid kit has the ability to produce substantial light due to the presence of new xenon lights which replaced the halogen head light kits. The nitro hid kit provides the following varieties to the buyer; hid kit 8000K, hid kit 10000K, hid kit 30000K, digital hid kid slim ballasts and much more wonder xenon kits.