CAPRI HID KIT (10)

    If you think it’s the perfect time to bring your Capri up to date with the latest technological solutions we have a very good offer for you! Try upgrading your car’s lighting system by replacing the old standard factory headlight bulbs with a set of brand new xenon headlights! Custom designed to meet the specifications of your Mercury Capri, our Xenon HID Kits are the ultimate solution for your car’s looks, safety and efficiency! The offer comes with the best prices available for this sort of products, so just pick the HID kit of your choice and enjoy the benefits!


    Cougar HID Kit 99-02 at the best prices. We carry Cougar HID Kit 99-02instock ready to ship. Cougar HID Kit 99-02 are custom for your vehicle. Make your Cougar roar of pleasure with our new set of xenon headlights! By replacing your old factory bulbs with one of our new xenon HID Kits you will have the benefits of a safer, more reliable and efficient car. Upgrading only takes a few minutes, following these 3 easy steps: remove your car’s hood, take out the standard factory headlight bulbs and install the HID Kit of your choice! You will get all this for the best prices out there, and as our custom designed products are quality oriented solutions you will see and definitely enjoy the difference!


    Grand Marquis HID Kit 02-UP at the best prices. We carry Grand Marquis HID Kit 02-UP instock ready to ship. Grand Marquis HID Kit 02-UP are custom for your vehicle. This full-size rear-wheel drive sedan is surely an elegant car that deserves all attention when searching for new upgrades and accessories to boost its performances. Our brand new custom designed Mercury Grand Marquis xenon HID Kits can add an extra touch of finesse and a bonus for your car’s safety and efficiency! Make your vehicle more reliable and better looking with an easy to do upgrade of your old standard factory headlight bulbs! Our products are top of the line, brought to you from the world’s best specialists in the field of car lighting systems and we offer them for an unbeatable price!


    Marauder HID kit come in many specifications and with great features that come in handy. The kit allows you to have a safer drive at night since it has the greatest power which allows for perfect visibility. What’s even amazing about the marauder HID kit is that it lasts up to 12 times longer than the halogen bulb, which lasts for a shorter period of time. With a number of colors which come in handy, you will have a number of choices to choose from. With a 12 month warranty that comes in with the purchase of the kit, you won’t have any reason whatsoever to miss out on this amazing offer. If you love class and elegance, then having the kit will earn you the credits. Marauder HID kit, basically provides the best for your car, the installation is history as well. The logic is that you will do the installation all by yourself and within the shortest time. What more do you want?


    This compact luxury SUV is a good, reliable and safe car by itself but what if there was a way of further improving your Mercury Mariner’s efficiency with a simple and affordable upgrade? By replacing your standard factory headlight bulbs with one of our custom designed quality Xenon HID Kits, you will offer your vehicle a boost of looks and efficiency, as our products are top of the line lighting solutions offered by the world’s best manufacturers! Check out our line of Xenon HID Kits specially designed for your car and don’t forget we also a Mariner HID Kit Wire Relay Harness, also for an unbeatable low price!

    MILAN HID KIT (10)

    Enjoy a better looking, safer, more reliable and efficient car with a simple solution that we offer! Choose to replace your standard factory headlights with one of our xenon HID kits custom designed for your Mercury Milan and what you will get in exchange will be a top quality product that will satisfy your needs completely! Moreover, our Xenon HID Kits are very easy to install: just remove the hood of your car, take out the old factory bulbs and place in the new headlights! We offer this top of the line solutions for the best prices out there!


    Mercury Montego HID Kit to upgrade your headlights and fog lights with bright lights. The Mercury Montego is a reliable mid-size vehicle that surely deserves all attention. If you own one, you probably want to give it the best possible upgrades and accessories on the market. In the line of car lighting systems we come with a great solution for your need! We offer you a line of custom designed Montego Xenon HID Kits, the perfect replacement for your standard factory headlight bulbs! Your car will prove to be a safer, more efficient and better looking vehicle after performing this very simple AND affordable upgrade! Check out the offer today and choose the HID Kit that best suits your needs!


    Mercury Monterey HID Kit to upgrade your headlights with bright bulbs! Improve your car’s efficiency and looks with a set of brand new xenon headlights! Your Mercury Monterey will surely look better and drive safer with one of our top quality Xenon HID Kits! By replacing your old standard factory headlight bulbs you will gain the newest technology when it comes to car lighting systems! These HID Kits were developed and tested by world’s best manufacturers in the world, so your vehicle will only get the best solution for the best price on the market! Check out our offer today and choose a HID Kit that is best for your needs!


    Although already a reliable and efficient vehicle, your Mercury Mountaineer SUV would surely enjoy the benefits of a lighting system upgrade! This would not only make your car better but will also higher its safety standards, as our lighting solutions surely are top quality, tested products. All you have to do is replace your standard factory headlight bulbs with one of our custom designed Mountaineer Xenon HID Kits, an upgrade that only takes minutes and has immediate results for you to enjoy! Make your long night drives much easier by choosing one of our top of the line Xenon HID Kits!


    Mystique HID kit is one of the amazing kits from mercury, in fact it’s a unique one and has what it takes to be one of your own. It will offer your car with 3 times more visibility on the road than the halogen light. With the plug-n-play feature, mystique has been known to the best of all time. In fact t has been manufactured with the best and stricter quality control; therefore there is no whatsoever on its quality. Xenon is one of the top element used in the manufacture of mystique HID Kit, and it’s for this reason that you will realize a better visibility in your drive, especially at night. Remember that lighting is of great essence to your car, you ought to have the best lighting to improve on security. Mystique will provide you with all that you need in your car; style, class elegance and most importantly comfort. Try it out today; don’t miss out on the great qualities from the mystique kit.

    SABLE HID KIT (10)

    Sable HID Kit 00-05 at the best prices. We carry Sable HID Kit 00-05 instock ready to ship. Sable HID Kit 00-05 are custom for your vehicle. Either you have the mid-size or the full-size version of this sedan, we now offer you the chance to benefit of your Mercury Sable’s full potential! With a simple upgrade that only takes a few steps and can be easily done by anyone, you can replace your old factory headlight bulbs with one of our brand new top quality Xenon HID Kits. Custom designed for your Mercury Sable, these HID Kits are manufactured and tested by the best specialists in the field of car lighting systems and we offer them for a very affordable price you can’t possibly find elsewhere!


    Tracer HID Kit offers your car with the best conversion kit for your car. It come with a 12 month warrant and has a thousand and one features that anyone could dye for. Being 100% water proof, the kit offers a whole lot of advantages ranging from a longer period of functioning to simple installation among others. Tracer HID basically gives your car with that exotic look; it is also manufactured under strict quality control, making it outstanding and amazingly perfect. The fact that it has the simplified wiring makes it even much easier during installation. Unlike other kinds of kits, you will get noticed easily with the tracer kit, because of its custom look especially at night.the violet color is one of the most amazing colors to deal with; you will get noticed easily especially by rival drivers. It’s with no doubt that you will attract the attention of folks around your area of stay.


    Villager HID kit is one of the most unique and most used kits of all time. It has been independently tested over time and prove to be the most reliable kit and at the same time offering excellent brightness for your vehicle. This has been done while comparing with other kits on the market. Villager HID Kit basically has the best lumen output compared to other quality bulbs on the market so far. What’s more is that you can submerge the kit under water and no destruction whatsoever will be done. If anything, you will find the kit working extremely well; the logic here is that the kit is 100% water proof, such a great feature indeed. You will also have the ability of doing the installation all by yourself, in fact all within a couple of seconds and you’re done. You will find a variety of kits in the market on the, market, but you will never find one like the villager HID Kit; try it out today!

Mercury HID Kit come in many specification. Many different HID kit Xenon bulb sizes, many different HID kit Xenon bulb temperature degrees (which allow for different colors to be emitted). Mercury HID kit bulb size are made in: H1, H3, H4, H7, h13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D1S, D2S Mercury HID kit bulb Temperature: 3000K (Golden Yellow) , 4300K (Bright White), 5000K (white), 6000K (Crystal White), 8000K (Crystal Blue), 10000K (Aqua Blue), 12000K (Purple-Blue) Mercury HID Kit allow the driver to have the best night visibility, which would increase the safety of their driving abilities. Even though Mercury HID Kit, are around $100-200 USD, are definitely worth every penny. Mercury HID can last 12 times longer than the average Halogen bulb, which is about 3000 hours compared to 250 hours.