• 308 HID KIT

    308 HID KIT (10)

    Ferrari has proven record of producing some of the best sports cars of the world. Ferrari 308 is one of the best. The best needs the best HID kit is the brightest light bulbs to be different than the rest of the show. The hid kit produces more than three times lights on the road and it enables you see through the night and help you avoid causing accidents, the HID kits has xenon lights which are bright and they are easy to replace compared to other ordinary bulbs. The only ways to experience it is to Buy Ferrari 308 hid kit and install it on your vehicle and see the difference for yourself. We offer these HID kits at phenomenal rates and they are ready to be shipped within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive it the next day. The installation is just a three step process, all our products has an installation guide to help you in the installation. All our products carry a one year warranty which would enable you replace the xenon kit within one year of the warrant without paying for it. This Ferrari 308 HID kit is just a click away from you now. The variety we have will definitely satisfy your needs we have HID kits from 6000K to 30000K, and the world renowned Philips HID kit along with that we carry accessories like the Digital slim ballast to efficiently utilize the cars energy. The new wire harness makes the wiring of your car safe and full proof.
  • 328 HID KIT

    328 HID KIT (10)

    Ferrari 328 Lights are well known for their most successful models of quality lights in prancing horse. They have driving lights that are very bright with xenon lights that are clear and bright. The company has brake lights and LED stop that are much brighter than other ordinary lights, the LED add safety to your car by making sure that the drivers behind you are not affected by your lights. Its fog lights has round clear lens with 100-watt H3 halogen bulb, it also has single bolt mounting and one lamp which provides more brighter light on the road. 328 is of higher quality and it has timeless designs that can be seen in any angle. Get the latest model of headlights from Ferrari 328 lights that are of higher quality and you can get them at cheaper prices with a one year warrant which will enable you replace your bulbs when it is warn out. Ferrari 328 lights for better quality of lights in the market which enable you see through the night and avoid causing accidents.
  • 348 HID KIT 89-95

    348 HID KIT 89-95 (10)

    The Ferrari 348 is a mid engine, rear wheel drive V8 engine 2-seat sports car, replacing the 328 in 89 and continuing until 95. The 348 comes in convertible, GTB or coupe, both using the same headlights. The Ferrari 348 came with stock pop-up headlights and halogen bulbs. We offer Ferrari 348 HID Kit 89-95 at the best prices. We have all kinds of HID upgrades for your Ferrari 348 the range goes from 6000K to 30000K kits, along with this we offer quality accessories to complete your upgrade from the low quality halogen lighting to the true HID lighting these accessories include the digital slim ballast for efficient transmission of power from battery to the bulbs and the wire harness to avoid any short circuit because of loose wiring. Our hid kit installs in 3 easy steps, the package contains an installation guide for more information on installing the HID kit on your Ferrari 348. We provide installation information for every hid kit we sell. All our products are covered with a one year full warranty so that you don’t have to worry. We carry 348 HID Kit in stock ready to ship. Ferrari 348 HID Kits are custom for your vehicle.
  • 360 HID KIT 99-04

    360 HID KIT 99-04 (10)

    The Ferrari 360 is a beautiful car with great curves and awesome performance. This vehicle was made starting in 1999 all the way up to 2004. The Ferrari 360 can come with halogen lights or HID lights from factory. If you have halogen lights, we recommend upgrading with a 360 HID kit. We have a great verity of Xenon lights which are available in different sizes, different colors, and also have beams that range from high to low to high. We also carry replacement bulbs for your vehicles company installed HID the D2S/D2R higher Kelvin HID Bulb Pair. Along with that the Philips Xenon light bulbs which are manufactured keeping in view the best quality of the product all the products are ISO 9001 certified. All our products have a 1year full warranty and we assure you that our products will outlast your vehicle. Our offers also include lights from 6000K to 30000K along with different accessories like the ballasts and wire harness which is very important as the stock wire harness is not of high quality. We have the Ferrari 360 HID Kits 99-04 in stock at our warehouse ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours. The installation is an easy 3 step process, which is further made easier by our installation guide which is available with all our products.

    458 ITALIA HID KIT (10)

    Find replacement bulbs for your Ferrari 458 Italia. This sports drive is one of the smartest and beautiful cars that have been there for quite some time now. The new model is uniquely styled; Ferrari 458 Italia is a combination of both the traditional and modern touch. The Italians are proud to be associated with the cars amazing look. The interior is so spacious and can accommodate a good number of people. The seats are neatly arranged in a row with classy leather seats that are both comfortable to seat on and attractive to look at. Many car owners always take most of their time to check the engine problem but always take less time to concentrate on the cars lighting system. You should always know that the lighting of your car is also important, by having good lighting in your car when driving at night you will avoid unnecessary accidents, you will also save your eyes from straining to see what is ahead of you. The perfect light for you is Ferrari hid kit and you should have one today for a better tomorrow.
  • F355 HID KIT 95-99

    F355 HID KIT 95-99 (10)

    The F355 is a classic Ferrari with amazing looks. It has a highly noticeable image that screams Ferrari. The F355 never came with HIDs from factory, and viability at night is not great. A lighting improvement is necessary to get the maximum look in your vehicle. You have come to the right place if you want a F355 HID Kit 95-99 at the best price. We carry Ferrari F355 HID Kit in stock ready to ship. F355 are made from 1995-1999 and have pop-up headlights, so installation of a F355 HID kit require removal of your headlights. Don't forget, you can also install HID in your fog lights. This must be done from under the vehicle, under the plastic panels. The bulb size, you don't need to worry about, just tell us when ordering.
  • F430 HID KIT

    F430 HID KIT (10)

    Ferrari F430 lights are high performance sports car that is manufactured in Italy. It is designed to improve your light output of your car and at the same time add more safety to your car. The company has produced radio controlled brake lights, headlights and signal lights. These controlled lights are great for R/C vehicle and it has great features and 6V rechargeable battery that has power pack. The companies headlights and tail lights is usually powered by 90-V8 and it is of 0-60 and 3.5 seconds, the headlights can be changed and added with LED taillights which will add safety to your car. Ferrari F430 Lights has corner lights, fog lights, headlight covers, projection lights and third brake lights all of which are of great quality to give your car an extra light which will enable you see through the night and especially when it is raining so that you can avoid causing accidents. Ferrari F430 lights have different sizes of bulbs, the bulbs are easy to insert and you can replace it easily, buy this type of lights and you will notice the difference.

    TESTAROSSA HID KIT 84-96 (10)

    The Ferrari Testarossa Ferrari Testarossa is a 12 cylinder sports car made by Ferrari, which went into production in 1984. Upgrading the Testarossa with a Testarossa HID Ki is a great idea. We offer a huge range of HID kits for you vehicle including 6000k to 30000K and besides it we offer the Digital Slim ballast for you HID kits it’s the most advance and sophisticated ballast in the market. We also have in stock the Philips Xenon HID kits which is the World leader in manufacturing some of the best HID kits. The upgrade to HID also need to have a new wire harness we have the best in market wire harness to keep you away from all the worries as this harness will keep your lighting and car safe from any short circuit. We have Ferrari Testarossa HID Kit 1984-1996 at the best prices. We carry Testarossa Kit in stock ready to ship. Testarossa HID Kit are custom for your vehicle and fits in 1984-1996. The installation is an easy 3 step process and further to ease your way we provide an installation guide with all our products to guide you through the process of transition from Halogen lights to the modern HID lighting system.

Ferrari HID Kits are a great way to make your Ferrari 360, F355, 348 or Testarossa look more modern. Replace your Ferrari lights making a difference in your driving at nights. Get a Ferrari HID Kit for your vehicle today. You spent a lot of money on your Ferrari and want to keep it looking great. Adding a Ferrari xenon kit will make your car even more exotic. If you have xenon from the factory already, then it’s the perfect time to change the color temperature of your factory bulbs. Check out our HID bulbs section for quality OEM replacement bulbs for cars that came with factory HID. Imagine your 360 with purple light!