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Kia Soul Lights are available for both the inside and outside of the vehicle. This is because Kia Soul has mood lighting in the interior of the vehicle as well as LED lights on the front speakers that light up in tune when the music is playing and whose behavior can be controlled using the dash. The lights also change color according to the sound and type of music. On its exterior, Kia Soul has driving lights, moon roof and fog lights and off road lights. The driving lights have extra range and ensure safety while driving, especially during the night time. The fog lights make driving safer in low visibility situations as they help the driver to see the road better. They also help other drivers on the road to see you. Off road lights on the other hand can be used both as driving lights and fog lights. Kia Soul also has clear lens auto-off head lamps and therefore can be turned off with ignition. Other Kia Soul Lights that are available include the tail lights and signal indicator lights.