• 180SX HID KIT

    180SX HID KIT (10)

    There is no HID kit that outsmarts the new Nissan HID kit available in a wide range of colors you can easily choose from. You’ll be amazed to see how your car behaves in the night when darkness looms and your vision becomes dim. There are blue, yellow and white varieties of Nissan bulbs that are guaranteed to provide strong beams of light to assure you of starling performance in the night. They are designed in varying sizes to fit on every car; you’ve nothing to worry about your car lighting anymore. There is a guide to take you through in the installation process with of course takes a few minutes. You do not have to hire a skilled person to fix it on your car, simply follow the guide and save! Not all sites carry reputable products, you have to be careful as you shop for Nissan HID kit to reinvigorate top your car. By pressing an icon, you definitely enter into a great site that guarantees you all the wide range Nissan HID kit that won’t disappoint you at all.
  • 200SX HID KIT

    200SX HID KIT (10)

    Nissan HID kits are designed to replace factory-installed headlights efficiently and without any trouble. If you are looking for a gainful upgrade option for your 200SX, do check out the 200SX HID kit. All the necessary components are included in the kit including powerful xenon bulbs, ballast units and starters. The good news is these robust headlight kits are not expensive at all. The Nissan 200SX HID kit stands out as the best lights available for your dimming car. They have the pedigree to solve your night blindness when to going gets tough or the weather becomes gloomy. For a long time, drivers have struggled to make it in darkness, but with the latest technology Nissan xenon kit has made the lighting very fulfilling hence improving safety on the highways. These Nissan HID kit are easy to fix on your car and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes to give you great options to make your choice. Within a very little time, you get going strong and darkness won’t stand in your way anymore. There is no reason to continue suffering in difficult weather and blinding darkness when Nissan xenon HID kit is available in very competitive prices. Say yes to Nissan xenon HID kits to day and see how easy you can fit them on your car in less than 30 minutes. Why not save good money by purchasing these wonderful xenon HID kits?
  • 240SX HID KIT

    240SX HID KIT (10)

    A 240SX HID kit is a wonderful modification one make to their vehicle. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and refers to the high intensity beam produced by these sturdy headlights. Check out some of the coolest colors these lights come in, such as crystal white, golden yellow, pink, violet and blue. Xenon headlights produce a wide range of light which is suitable for driving on all kinds of terrains.
  • 240Z HID KIT

    240Z HID KIT (10)

    Is your car lighting giving you trouble when the weather thickens and darkness proves difficult to get through? The new Nissan xenon HID kit is designed to take care of all your car lights problems. It is available in many designs and sizes you can trust with your lighting needs and it guarantees you pleasurable drives full of fun. There is trouble driving in the night; Nissan 240Z xenon HID kit produce powerful light beams that enable you to see clearly far ahead hence providing a free and safe drive home. These HID kits correspond with the international standards and can withstand tough moments to give you the vision you want. With the filled gas, more light is emitted which much brighter than you had expected. They are designed and integrated with ballast that helps control the current that would otherwise harm your eyes; this enables you drive safely and with no struggling what-so-ever. You must not hesitate on making your choice since Nissan 240Z hid Kit is available is a variety of models. They are all reputed for excellent performance, which is the best upgrade HID kit for your 204Z car.
  • 260Z HID KIT

    260Z HID KIT (10)

    With the entry of technology, most cars are designed with computer controlled systems that require great accessories to provide you’re with fulfilling performances. The new Nissan 260Z HID kit is enabled to fit well and cannot harm your car. It is known to prevent dash lights and notorious flickering that make the car lights fail to live to expectations. Nissan HID kits are also known for their non interference with the radio system of your car by guaranteeing you with 99% performance on every car. They are reputed and take very little time to be fitted on the vehicle saving your time and energy. You can also make use of its installation guide to fix it on your own and save much more than employing the services of a qualified technician to do the job for you. By fitting this accessory on your car, you are sure of over 3000 hours of a non interrupted life and close to 3400 output of lumen light. Get to our site and see what you have been missing for a long time.
  • 280ZX HID KIT

    280ZX HID KIT (10)

    We offer 280ZX HID kits that will make your headlights 3x as bright. One thing you must understand is you also need a pair of open beam headlights - that the bulb is replaceble. This will allow you to install the HID kit.
  • 300ZX HID KIT

    300ZX HID KIT (11)

    Many people look for excellent aftermarket modifications for their car which prove to be very beneficial in the long run. A 300ZX HID kit is designed with the same purpose in mind. These headlights are manufactured with xenon bulbs which produce three times brighter light than their predecessors, halogen bulbs. The kits are available in many sizes and colors and are totally affordable.
  • 350Z HID KIT

    350Z HID KIT (10)

    Looking for a robust and cost-effective solution to replace your factory-installed headlights? Try a 350Z HID kit for your vehicle which comes with excellent features and is also quite affordable. The kit is constructed with high-power xenon bulbs which produce a light very similar to daylight. These bulbs come in a variety of colors and not only improve the appearance of your car but also provide maximum performance gains. There is nothing good like having a night monster car whenever the going gets tough due to unbearable weather or meeting the challenges of tropical nights. It is important to fit your car with powerful and strong Nissan 370Z HID kit that bears great features that guarantee you the safety you would not let go. These HID kits have a whooping temperature color of 3400K to 6000K that controls the lighting effects in the bulb. They are having a UV cut glass that protects the bulb from damage. The Nissan 370Z HID kit has a vibration and water resistance capability that prolongs the life span of the light bulbs. The bulbs does not require periods for warming them up so that you achieve maximum light, their effects and performances are instant. Another advantage of these Nissan HID kit are easy to install and the prices are placed at the minimum giving most car owners an opportunity to purchase one for their vehicles. Incase you fail to fix it in your car, the blame will squarely on you. Experience eventful night drives with the most powerful beam by fixing Nissan HID kit today.
  • 370Z HID KIT

    370Z HID KIT (10)



    Get the superior lighting power from the latest Nissan Altima HID kit that comes with the newest technology. This HID kit posses a superior character than other nonperforming headlight kits available in the market today. The color in which the Nissan Altima is designed in provides you with a variety to place your options. We have the blue, white and yellow HID kits that guarantee you with strong lights that transform the night darkness to look like daytime. You are able to see clearly on the roadsides and you predict the distance of the approaching vehicle from the opposite direction. They contain digital ballast with an integration of CAN-BUS that takes care of flickering of light beams as well as protection to radio interferences. When you decide to pick on Nissan Altima HID kit, you will definitely have very little time in fixing it on the car and you’ll eventually save some money since their prices are affordable and very competitive.


    The gorgeous Nissan Armada HID kit is the best upgrade your car cannot afford to miss especially when you make your travels in the night. Your vehicle can as well run without lights but what happens when you delay to get home early? These Nissan Armada light kits are just a must upgrade parts for that promising Nissan Armada. They produce powerful light that improves your way of seeing hence improve your safety and prevent accidents from happening. The importance of this HID kit will be come calling when you get to a non familiar place and the going isn’t pleasing anymore. The beam produced by this headlight kit is focused and has a soothing effect on the eyes. Above all, Nissan Armada HID kits are cheap and affordable; you do not need to spend an arm or leg in order to get them reinvigorated on your car. Get it fitted as fast as possible by following the installation guide provided on every purchase. You should not just trust your eyes when the outside isn’t joking; buy these parts today and say no to night accidents and delays.

    CUBE HID KIT (10)

    Are you still driving on fading lights of one or two decades ago? There is a new sheriff in town with the ability to provide a powerful light that will guarantee you with night safety you have missed over a long period of time. By installing the Nissan Cube HID kit, you’ll be sure of improved visibility you need when you approach dark stretches of the highway. What you need to do is visit our site and find out the great variety of Cube HID kit available for purchase and the great offers and warranty placed on them. These Cube HID kit have got the style and look your car requires staying in command; its water and vibration resistibility puts it on the world map making it the new HID kit for all your car lighting needs. It takes less time to put it on and requires no technical skills to get working. You only need to have the installation guide and get started. The new Cube HID kit is also very affordable hence there is no reason why you should not buy.
  • D21 HID KIT

    D21 HID KIT (10)

    When the shape of your car starts to bore and its lighting grows dim on each passing night, you definitely need to embrace the new lighting technology. The new Nissan D21 HID kit provides what most light HID kits have failed to deliver. It has the right beam of light to provide enough light on the highway and ensure you stay free from accidents. They are known to last for much longer period and minimize the use of power a compared to the ageing halogen light kit. It is not about the strength of the light beams only regarding the D21 HID kit but its unique way to add more beauty to your car. You’ll definitely make the heads turn around when you stylishly pass. For all your night duties, get these Nissan D21 HID kit fitted and match ahead in style. Why suffer in darkness and yet there is a fulfilling D21 HID kit available in competitive prices both online and in shops near you? Get your today and enjoy the versatility of the car.


    Want to improve visibility during nighttime driving? Check out the wonderful HID or High Intensity Discharge headlight kits available in a range of exciting colors. A Frontier HID kit is designed to enhance visibility with the help of powerful xenon bulbs which produce three times more light than ordinary halogen bulbs. Bi-xenon headlights are also gaining in popularity because of their longevity and vigorous operation.

    GT-R HID KIT (10)

    Enjoy the powerful beam of light by installing the Nissan GT-R HID kit which carries improved features than those of halogen light kit. These car parts do not give you stress in fixing in your car, by reading through the detailed information regarding its installation, you get underway and within 30 minutes of serious work, you will be behind the wheel smiling down the most treacherous points on the highway. The scintillating beauty and wide range of colors provides with an opportunity to tune and see how starling these colors van be when reinvigorated on your car. By purchasing this GT-R HID kit, you get save good money since their prices are very competitive and give you an opportunity to enjoy great vision for a very long time. The warranty attached to them indicates their strength in terms of quality on performance. Therefore, why pay more on frequently replaceable halogen HID kit when there is a new GT-R HID kit that takes care of darkness in one shot?

    JUKE HID KIT (10)

    We offer HID lighting packages and LED bulbs for your Nissan Juke.

    LEAF HID KIT (10)

    Find lighting parts for your Nissan Leaf such as HID kit upgrades, bulbs, ballasts and LEDs.


    HID headlights provide better visibility, improved appearance and maximum performance gain, all in one package. You can buy a Maxima HID kit with xenon bulbs which produce a brighter and wider range of light. The kits are made waterproof as well as shockproof which make them excellent to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. Check out the wonderful colors these headlights are available in. No matter if you have an SE, GLE or base model, you can benifit from this simple upgrade.


    High Intensity Discharge headlights are increasingly becoming popular because of their excellent features and affordable price. You can find a similar Murano HID kit for your car. These aftermarket headlights are also known as xenon headlights and provide better visibility and enhanced appearance. They are available in a range of thrilling colors including blue, violet and golden yellow and are used for a safer and more enjoyable journey. From 2003-2007 the Murano uses 9007 bulb size which means the low beam and high beam are in one bulb. However, some come from factory with HID which would be a D2S bulb.


    It is time to safe during these difficult times of economic meltdown. The new Nissan pickup HID kit costs very little and gives you’re the power it deserves to face the most difficult weather and darkness notorious in most tropical regions of the world. It is important to make your car standout of the rest by getting this new HID kit that has all the benefits you can go for in every lighting need. The Nissan pickup HID kit is integrated with ballast that controls the beams and ensures the HID kit lasts for a long time. You will not have negative effects on your eyes hence your night vision greatly improved. With the stamina your car gains form this new upgrade, the sky in limit to your joyous drives anymore. You do not need to take all day fixing it on your car. It comes with a detailed instruction guide to lead you through the process. In less than thirty, you’ll be cruising laughingly on the busy night highway.

    NX HID KIT (10)

    Access the pure lighting by installing the new Nissan NX xenon HID kit which is now readily available in shops near you and on the internet. This new xenon HID kit is designed with screws and other wiring formulations that enable you fit then readily on your car. With the detailed information that is meant to take you through the installation process, you are sure to spend very little time in completing the job. They are available in great colors that will definitely match with the color and lighting needs of your car. By purchasing new Nissan NX xenon HID kit, you will enjoy full support from Nissan technicians who are dedicated to provide services of highest quality. This NX HID kit guarantee you with long lasting performance reading from the two year warranty attached to it. Therefore, it is important to make fast and early to purchase these high performing NX xenon HID kit and enhance your night safety.


    A Pathfinder HID kit can be installed as a great and cost-effective modification in your car. These headlights prove to be very useful during nighttime driving and in conditions like rain and fog. They produce stronger and wider light than factory-installed headlights and therefore many people consider upgrading and renewing their vehicle with the help of these sturdy and long lasting xenon headlights.


    What makes the new Nissan Patrol stand out of the rest when darkness looms is its improved lighting features. It has a UV glass with the ability to protect your car headlight from being spoiled and it is also designed to withstand water penetration. With the lumens clocking the height of 3400 in output, you are definitely out for a ride. The Nissan Patrol HID kit gives a much sharper, stronger and soothing beam of light that ensures you remain focused throughout the journey. It is made to last for over 3000 hours; this in a rarity when it comes to other types of HID kits available in the market. These Nissan Patrol is not difficult install, the availability of the instruction guide plays into your way making the whole exercise last for a period less than 30 minutes. Get this lighting HID kit today and save more than what you had expected.


    Your once performing Nissan Pulser can get back on track when you embrace the new technologically designed xenon HID kit that contains ballast to improve on the beam produced. This Pulser HID kit will not let you down when the weather becomes uncompromising or darkness stretches to longer distances. It has the capability to focus the beam and give you the longest beams that will definitely enable you see opposite cars from a good distance. These Pulser HID kit are designed to humbly work well with your existing system. The CAN-BUS allows the light kit to bring the lighting system to focus hence ensure your car is not harmed by the new installation. They are also known to cost less money as compared to the traditional halogen HID kit. They are not difficult to install, make use of the detailed instruction guide and start enjoying the great light beams you have missed for a long time.


    You can redeem the versatility of your car by installing the new Quest HID kit which is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can select a color that resembles your car and also choose the size that will definitely fit on your car as easily as possible without giving you much trouble. They are designed based on the needs and requirements that govern the motor lighting parts. This HID kit has the gas in it which gives rise to much brighter beam of light. You are therefore able to see clearly from far hence escape conduct with approaching vehicles. You can also afford this Quest HID kit at very competitive prices; thus, you do not need to spend all your monthly income so that you can achieve it. With the help of the instruction guide, you can install the HID kit in less than thirty minutes. Just save yourself from darkness troubles by acquiring the new Nissan Quest HID kit now!

    ROGUE HID KIT (10)

    Is the lighting system of your Rogue Nissan disturbing you when you want take off in the night or in a must go journey when the weather in unbearable? The new Nissan Rogue xenon HID kit has all the answers to all your questions. It contains the ballast that ensures the beam produced is powerful enough to guarantee you with clear night vision. The Rogue HID kit is strong and can withstand tough tasks. These xenon lights are available in a great range of designs and colors from which you can make your pet right. It does not matter if your car is big or small, these Rogue xenon HID kit are just designed based on the needs your car hence no need to worry. Its price is fear and installation easy, therefore take this earliest opportunity and seize it without haste. You will obviously improve your night rides and safe yourself from dangers of head-on collision due to blurred vision. Stay safe by purchasing this rogue HID kit for all your vehicle needs.


    Car lovers all over the world consider HID kits for improving their vehicle’s façade and to realize a more pleasurable ride. A Sentra HID kit proves to be very useful especially during nighttime driving. It can be easily installed as it comes with easy to follow instructions and all the necessary components for complete modification. Check out some of the finest HID kits custom designed for your vehicle and turn it into a stylish machine.

    SILVIA S13 HID KIT (10)

    One of the most well-liked aftermarket car parts is the HID conversion kit which comes in a range of exciting colors. You can check out an appropriate Silvia S13 HID kit for your vehicle to make it more attractive. These xenon headlights are loved by car enthusiasts all over the world because they produce a high intensity light and are suitable for use in all kinds of weather conditions.

    SILVIA S15 HID KIT (10)

    Xenon headlights can prove to be highly beneficial and cost-effective as they produce much brighter light than factory-installed halogen bulbs and last for many years to come. A Silvia S15 HID kit can be fitted for better visibility and improved performance. These plug-in HID conversion kits are optimized for use in rainy weather and other severe conditions as they are made waterproof and shockproof.

    SKYLINE R32 HID KIT (10)

    High Intensity Discharge or HID headlights are powerful and sturdy. A Skyline R32 HID kit is very easy to install and comes in a variety of color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 30000K for different colors. Many people replace stock headlights with these strong lights which have the ability to produce three times more light than ordinary bulbs. They are an excellent upgrade for older as well as newer car models. With the introduction of the new xenon HID light kit, the problems of blurred vision at night is a gone case. These new pedigree is a play and plug accessory that costs very little and its services very great. It releases a beam of light that leaves you with no doubt about your night vision. They are tested and known to give brighter light than halogen HID kit; thanks to the ballast integrate found in the Nissan Skyliner HID kit. You mustn’t have problems in selecting your best choice because there are guides that provide you with ideas regarding your HID kit in question. One interesting fe4ature about new Skyliner HID kit is the starling purple color that bears the exotic character that adds beauty to your car lighting mechanisms. You shouldn’t worry about the prices; these xenon HID kit have soothing prices and will not require all your savings. Then, why waste this wonderful opportunity, buy one today and say goodbye to darkness at night.

    SKYLINE R33 HID KIT (10)

    High quality HID headlight kits consume less power and produce more light than ordinary stock headlights. A Skyline R33 HID kit is optimized for better visibility during the night as it is constructed with xenon bulbs which produce a light very similar to daylight. These kits are custom designed for specific car models and therefore last for a long time.

    SKYLINE R34 HID KIT (10)

    If you are looking for a great upgrade for your Skyline R34 consider buying a high quality Skyline R34 HID kit for replacing your factory-installed headlights. These kits are made waterproof as well as shockproof and come in a range of awesome colors. These lights require only 35 Watt power and produce 3 times more light than ordinary halogen bulbs. Skyline R34 HID Kit 99-02 at the best prices. We carry Skyline R34 HID Kit 99-02 instock ready to ship. Skyline R34 HID Kit 99-02 are custom for your vehicle.


    Want a replacement for your Nissan stanza car’s damaged or out dated HID kit, you are in the right place. Get a Nissan stanza xenon kit, at affordable prices and enjoy myriad of good deals that include more selections to pick from, many color and temperature variations, high durability and sleek looks. The only barrier that stands between you and starting to enjoy the greater and more confident cruises at night is only 30 minutes and $ 79.99. You can’t wait to see your driving life transformed by the sleek Nissan stanza HID kits. You need not to compromise the beauty of your car by choosing from 3000K, 6000K, 10,000K, 12,000K, or 5000K color ranges. The HID kit colors are very friendly to the eye and looks like the natural lights emitted from the sun. You really have no reason that can stop you from adding the Nissan stanza headlights from your shopping cart if you want an improved vehicle life.

    TEANA HID KIT (10)

    Craving for improved brightness at affordable prices, Nissan Teana hid kits are the upgrade for you. The kit provides three times as much light as the factory headlights. That means you will get 3/4 coverage of the road. It is made from xenon gas which is odorless and colorless that can burn to emit a longer range and wider light using small current. Its lights are whiter and resemble natural sunlight which is safe for human eye. The lights do not glare the approaching or the accelerating car in front with alight that can render them confused and cause moiré harm than good. It simple produces the brightest but human eye friendly. Xenon kits are simple to install and works within the current vehicle’s factory set up. It allows for a much improved visibility during the night and fog or rainy conditions; a fact that makes the HID kits a safety measure against accidents caused by poor visibility.

    TITAN HID KIT 04-UP (10)

    Titan HID Kit 04-UP at the best prices. We carry Titan HID Kit 04-UP instock ready to ship. Titan HID Kit 04-UP are custom for your vehicle. A Titan HID Kit 04-UP can be installed to realize a more secure ride particularly during the night. These kits are constructed with powerful xenon bulbs which produce a high intensity light and last for many years. As such these kits can prove to be highly cost-effective and favorable in the long run. Most modern cars come equipped with xenon headlights because of their long life and enhanced operation.

    VERSA HID KIT (10)

    Powerful and long-lasting, HID conversion kits are designed to last for many years to come. A Versa HID kit can be installed as a wonderful upgrade as it is cost effective and very useful. These xenon headlight kits include three headlight components for complete modification. As such they are very easy to install and prove to be very beneficial in the long run.


    Looking for an aftermarket car part which will not only make your vehicle more attractive but will also prove to be beneficial in the long run? Try Xterra HID kit custom designed for your car which comes with strong xenon bulbs. These kits are optimized for better performance and enhanced operation particularly in extreme weather. They also come in many exciting colors to make your car stand out in a crowd. Xterra HID Kit at the best prices. We carry Xterra HID Kit instock ready to ship. Xterra HID Kit are custom for your vehicle. The Xterra 2002-2007 HID used 9007 size bulbs which are dual filament.

For Nissan HID Kit the Xenon bulb is a gas filled bulb. They are called Xenon because that is the name of the gas that is used inside the bulb. It’s an odorless, colorless gas that responds to electrical current to emit a more whiter light. They generally produce three times more light then the standard halogen bulb. The light that emits also has a longer and wider range. They also use 40% less electrical current. Xenon bulbs need to be installed with a ballast. The reason is the ballast act as a power house to the bulb. It controls the follow of the electrical current to the xenon bulb. Nissan HID Xenon is a colorless odorless gas that reacts to electrical arc. That’s the reason it’s called xenon bulb. The gas emits a whiter, more luminous light; it also emits a color that emulates what the sun emits, which is more natural to the human eye. That allows for better visibility during the night, and when it’s snowing and raining. The xenon bulb emits longer and wider range of light than its predecessor the halogen bulb. We sell the best Nissan HID Kit for your vehicle.